This Week’s WTF Fashion Moment

What’s wrong with this picture? A) It had Tara Reid in it, B) she looks high as a kite and is stumbling around, C) she’s wearing Uggs in 80 degree weather, D) all of the above.

At Coachella this weekend, some unlucky paparazzi who couldn’t get a clear shot of any real celebrities decided to take a picture of poor washed-up party girl past her prime, Tara Reid. If this isn’t a walking PSA of how alcohol can ruin your life, I don’t know what is. Homegirl hasn’t been in a decent movie since American Pie (oh wait, that was her first movie too wasn’t it?) and has been put through the ringer for embarrassments such as a botched boob job and  being engaged to Carson Daly.

Now, everyone’s favorite raspy-voiced waif it up to her antics again at Coachella, a California-based music festival guaranteed to pollute your lungs with the green and leave you smelling like Jimi Hendrix after a bender. Hipsters soaked in patchouli travel far and wide for this festival, and it usually bring in A-list attendees.

I would give her the benefit of the doubt–after all, Tara looks no different in this picture than any picture taken of her since 1999. The kicker isn’t the vodka club in her hand or half closed eyes; it’s definitely the lambskin boots she’s wearing. Why, WHY would you every wear Sherpa boots in California in the middle of spring?

All incite, eye witness accounts, or commentary is greatly appreciated (and encouraged).

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WTF Outfits of the Week

We’re generally a pretty positive place here at OU Daily Fashion…but sometimes, a little light-hearted teasing is necessary, especially with the great weather we’ve received coinciding with everyone’s 20 page papers and tests. I’ve rounded up the worst looks from the last few weeks. Read on (if you dare).

Got this picture from Perez Hilton. Seriously though, why would anyone think that high-waist capris that stop at the knee is EVER a good idea? Especially someone as bootylicious as Kim K? Adding (or subtracting) from this hot mess are the odd grid like shoes–just because Christian Louboutin designed them doesn’t make them a good idea. Kim completed her outfit with a see through blouse circa 1998. Come on Kim, you’re normally at the top of my list! What happened here?

Once the queen of So-Cal cool, Mischa Barton has come a long way since her days starring on the OC. And by come a long way, I mean snorted a lot of coke. Though the white powder typically makes people freakishly skinny (as Kate Moss showed us all), it seems to have the opposite effect on Mischa. Homegirl is now a pasty-white doughy mess. If this doesn’t convince you to stay away from drugs, I’m not sure what will.

Keri, Keri, Keri Hilson. Separetely, the leopard jacket, boots, bandeau top, belt, and hair are all nice. I could even think of a few ways to make those mineral washed jeans work! But all together, yikes! You look like a Courtney Love if she was hired as a ringleader in the circus.

Ohh Minajasty. You can’t argue that she’s freaking gorgeous–I love her signature pink lips and blond hair. More than that, I like that she’s interesting. She KNOWS she looks ridiculous. Sometimes celebs shoot for the “worst dressed” category–I mean, what could be better than free publicity? That being said, the broccoli hair has got to go.

Aubrey O’Day. Poor girl can’t catch a break. Loving the hair, and the center part, but the outfit reminds me of playing dress up with my old dance recital costumes as a child.

I certainly hope this muu-muu is actually a swimsuit cover up. This photo reminds me of a picture I saw as a child of Princess Diana, whose thin skirt let too much sunlight pass though and allowed a sneaky paparazzo to snap a picture of her always-covered legs.

Truth: I normally find Ke$ha’s so-called “garbage can” fashion somewhat appealing. Okay, appealing is too strong of a word. Amusing maybe. Interesting for sure. Her crazy messy hair, ripped stockings, and 3-day old makeup gave her a rock and roll aesthetic that looked more “I don’t give a damn” than “I’m strung out on drugs.” This look however channels the latter. The blue lips, undies showing, and ridic sunglasses are way too much. Back off about 2 notches Ke$ha.

Taylor Momsen takes the cake for the most hideous outfit of the week. Lets start with the stripper shoes: my question is why? They’re not comfortable, flattering, nor designed by anyone important. Next, we’ll move on to those elastic things clipped from her panties to her stockings. This seems to her signature accessory, as are her 2 foot long weave and raccoon eyes. What really gets me though is her angry disposition. Why does she always look like her parents just grounded her? Maybe they should–I’d be shipped off to boarding school in Switzerland if I was 17 and dressed like a whore, talked about vibrators, or shot naked videos. Literally, I cannot think of one redeeming quality of Taylor Momsen.

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5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Any Outfit

Let’s be real–as much as I love putting new outfits together, most days I end up rolling out of bed and putting on whatever I see first on the floor. You don’t have to succumb to a sloppy day outfit just because you didn’t put much thought into what you are wearing. I’ve listed 5 pieces that every girl should own because they truly are miracle workers. By adding these to any drab outfit, you’ll up the style factor and look anything but boring.

Want to make your boring outfit awesome? Read on!

1. A Fedora Hat

A fedora is an easy way to infuse your outfit with a little celebrity style. Traditionalist have said not to wear a hat and sunglasses together unless you’re a celebrity or you’re pissed off, but I’ve never been one to follow the rules. Nothing evokes a little mystery like strolling down the south oval in slight disguise.

2. A Statement Necklace

A complex necklace is an easy way to add depth to your outfit. Pair it with a plain shirt, or shirt and jacket combination. The only time I’d stay away from an attention-grabbing necklace is if your top has a super busy pattern or a lot of layers. They come at every price point, so pick up a few next time you’re at Forever 21 (or XXI as I like to call it).

3. A Pashmina Scarf

Lightweight scarves are perfect for Oklahoma’s crazy springtime weather. It’ll look cute and won’t get too stuffy if it’s warm on the way to class, and perfect to wrap around your shoulders if the weather changes on a dime (like it always does out here). Look for muted colors as they will work in both warm and cold seasons. Don’t be afraid to layer on a couple for extra interest.

4. A Denim Vest

This piece might seem weird or dated, but denim vest have been hot the last few seasons and will look awesome with any sundress or t-shirt you own. Your outfit will look bold and fashion-forward with minimal effort. Look for slightly cropped styles that hit right around your belly button. Longer styles will look like a bad 90’s hand-me-down, and a vest that is too cropped will look juvenile.

5. Combat Boots

A pair of lace-up boots will make a pair of skinny jeans, shorts, dress or skirt look daring and fun. They’re an easy way to make a statement without blistering your feet in a pair of heels. My favorite combat boots are Dr. Martens of course, but there are tons of cheaper pairs out there as well. For more on how to rock these babies, check out this post!

For more on fashion and life, check out my new blog at tulsa20something!

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The Ten Commandments of the Last Few Weeks of College

Spring Break is over and there are only 7 weeks left of school. Seven weeks?! I’m certainly not ready to grow up in less than 50 days. Miserable.

I hope you all had a marvelous spring break and I apologize for the lack of posts. I was a little too busy playing poker, jumping club lines with VIP wristbands, and hanging out with Australian dancer blokes to write about fashion. I’m sure you understand.

The last inning is here. I’m about to kiss Soonerland goodbye and I would be lying to say I’m not a bit heartbroken about it. I’m going to miss being surrounded by people my age. I’m going to miss unconventional waking hours. I’m really going to miss my friends, who are scattering across the world (literally) like dust in the wind.

Rather than get depressed that the best time of our lives is about to end, most people choose to see the positive and are planning on living up the next month and a half. There are a few rules you should follow to ensure that you enjoy yourself AND not act a complete fool on your last days here…

1. Thou Shalt Not Wear A Swimsuit To Class

Party tanks, Nike shorts, those neon colored hats, and Havaianas are fair game, but swap out your bikini for a sports bra at least! I know, when you’re laying out and it’s 85 degrees and sunny, trekking upstairs to grab your backpack is enough of a task. But really, how stupid will you look in class with a side-boob peepshow? Not only will it piss off your teacher, but classrooms are COLD. This is a warning for your dignity!

I certainly understand wanting to live up the srat life the next few weeks that it is socially acceptable. Head to toe Ralph Lauren Polo, party shades, and Sperrys ought to be celebrated, especially this time of the year. But do everyone a favor and pair the uniform with proper undergarments.

2. Tweet Others The Way You Want To Be Tweeted–Especially When Skipping Class

If you skip your 3:00 class to sit on the patio of La Luna or drink Hot Messes at the Library, don’t tweet about it. That is, unless you want your responsible (and now jealous) friends in that class to not share their notes with you. We would all rather sip margs and play croquet over sit in a desk and listen to a teacher drone on and on, but there are still a handful of us that need to maintain certain GPAs in order to go on to the next phase of our life.

If you need to take a personal day from a class (and trust me, we’ve all been there) don’t be the annoying person that mass emails the entire class begging for notes. Miss classes you can afford to skip, or strike up a conversation with the nerd with a laptop sitting in front of you.

3. Thou Shalt Be Responsible With One’s Assets and Go To Happy Hour.

In The Raw has buy one get one half off on Monday and everything with crab in it is half off on Wednesday. Plus, at lunch time you can get any 2 rolls for $7! The Library has half off pizzas and nachos, $2 house brews and well drinks, and $3 doubles during their happy hour. We all know about dollar beers at Bill’s and Seven47 on Wednesdays. Get a free pint glass at McNellie’s on Mondays. Since we have lots of time to kill, go when you can get the most bang for your buck.

4. Thou Shalt Not Deny Having Senioritis

No amount of feigning false interest will fool the teachers you actually care about–you know, the ones in your major that also advise your clubs and wrote you a rec letter for your internship last summer. There’s a good chance that you’ve developed a good relationship with that professor, so ‘fess up about your lack of motivation. There’s a good chance that they will sympathize and know what to say to snap you back into productivity.

5. Thou Shalt Participate In Outdoor Activities

Now is the perfect time to develop an outdoor hobby or ten. Rollerblading or biking will help you shed the weekend pounds, and nothing looks more cool that flying past people you know while decked out in elbow and knee pads.

It’s never too early to get your WASP on with games like bocce ball, ladderball, cornhole, and croquet. Not to mention, you’ll be in top shape for tailgating season.

I’m a big fan of disc golf and ultimate frisbee even though they’ve earned a bad rep among the Greek community. Since we’re all about to get pushed from the nest though, I say it’s high time we all do something no matter how ridiculous as long as it makes us happy. Wear your Chacos with pride!

6. Thou Shalt Spend As Much Time With Thy Friends as Possible

Me and my sister from another mister, Paige.

We literally have the rest of our lives to sleep. We don’t have the rest of our lives to spend hanging out with our friends. Including Thursdays, we have 21 days left to go out (or 28 if you’re super fun and do the Wednesday thing). Make them count.

A very wise older sorority sister told my pledge class when we were freshmen “There will always be another test to study for, but there won’t always be another night to go to Classic’s with your best girl friends.” The statement was slightly flawed–my days of taking test are numbered. In fact, I think I have exactly 3 left to take for the rest of my life. But what is true is that we ought to savor the moments with the people we adore. (Oh I’m getting mushy now…)

7. Thou Shalt Go To As Many Date Parties And Events As Humanly Possible

The Renaissance Fair. SAE Boxing. Coast Guard. Fiji Island. the Big Event. Norman Music Festival. Relay For Life. Scandals. Just a few of my favorite events that happen after spring break in Norman. Don’t have a wristband? Sneak on the date party bus (we’ve all done it before). Just because there’s no football doesn’t mean your weekends have to be monotonous. Go to a baseball game, drive up to OKC for some Bobo’s Chicken or Chinatown, enter a team in College Bowl or La Luna trivia. Check out McNellie’s pint night. Soak up the uniqueness of Norman while you still can.

8. Thou Shalt Not Procrastinate (Too Much…)

Truly, it’s in your best interest to start on that 20 page paper now rather than cut yourself off from the world for 72 hours straight to finish it before it’s due. What if something awesome comes up that will kill you to miss? By starting study guides, notecards, etc now, you take much of the pressure off. You can just relax, review, and not miss out on anything. If you’re really on the strug bus, try doing really tedious things like reading while in a lawn chair rocking a bikini.

9. Thou Shalt Praise OU’s Campus

Make out with someone in the stacks. Visit the garden on top of Sarkeys. Listen to the organ players in Catlett. Feed the squirrels in the south oval. Frolic through the passion pit. The minute you finish your finals, walk under the clock tower and look up. Beg a freshman to take you to the Caf. Catch the free movies in Meacham on Friday (CAC Film Series reppin’). Do everything campus related you can think of. Twenty years from now when you come back to visit, you’ll be glad you took time to make these memories.

10. Thou Shalt Be Fearless and Make It Count

You have seven weeks left to talk to your crush from afar. Seven Fridays left to check out every place on Campus Corner. Seven Wednesdays left to play Bingo at Bills, or sing karaoke at O’Connell’s. Seven weekends left to see the inside of Sugar’s. In the famous words of Charlie Sheen’s favorite poet Eminem, “would you capture it, or just let it slip?”

For more nuggets of wisdom long after graduation, check out my new blog here!

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Style Blogger Roundup

As you all know, I look to style bloggers most often for fashion inspiration. Many of them start out as regular people with a little blog (like me!) and eventually gain a steady following. The larger the following, the more doors in the industry will open for them. Here’s a few of my favorite looks and a bit of background on what my favorite fashionistas were up to this week.

My girl Rumi Neely of FashionToast has been traveling well, everywhere, catching Fashion Weeks in all the best locations. Most recently, she caught Diesel, had a first row seat at Versace, and won Bloglovin’s Blogger of the Year. Pretty much, I want to be her when I grow up (which sadly is in 2 months).

The Theyskens x Theory leather pants make this laid back outfit look great. I love wearing my hair in a messy bun, and I like how Rumi makes it look model-off-duty-esque and elegant when paired with a loose white sweater, huge sunnies, the aforementioned cropped pants, and desert sand wedges. You can easily imitate this outfit but tone it down with black jeans instead.

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere got to travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and I’m so jealous! Her blog focuses on dessert and snack recipes just as much as it discusses fashion, but her outfits are always spot on.

I love the look of her Coach trench coat over a dress. It’s a simple formula, but looks so sophisticated. To keep from looking too conservative, she paired it with strappy wedges, a thick necklace, sunglasses, and a Mulberry bag. Note that her trench coat is a bit longer than her skirt–sometimes people debate whether skirts should be longer or shorter than your jacket, but I think either way looks fine.

I haven’t covered Jane of Sea Of Shoes on this blog, but I think she’s super gorgeous and has really interesting style. I find it a bit hard to relate to her though because her outfits are just so extravagant. The photos on her blog look like editorial spreads, and she’s always dripping with heavy jewelry and dons impossibly expensive shoes. Nonetheless, her blog is still great fun to look at.

I love her bedazzled military jacket. The beading, sequins, and detail make the jacket look like something Michael Jackson or Britney Spears would wear onstage. Another thing that struck me as interesting is her pants/shoe combination. Her strappy, almost utilitarian wedges come up high around her ankles, but they look awesome pair with cropped and distressed jeans. I’m definitely going to try this look out in the near future.

Lauren of La Petite Fashionista has always been one of my favorite bloggers. By reading her blog/tweets/feedback she occasionally leaves on College Fashion, the website I work for, you can tell that she is a total sweetheart. Like me (and most of my friends who read this blog), Lauren’s a southern/midwestern sorority girl who loves football games, cowboy boots, and having fun with new trends!

Although this outfit was posted awhile ago, I wanted to feature it because she looks amazing and dressed up, but this outfit could still work in SO many different situations. Boots, tights, a simple skirt, and a dressy jacket or coat works for class, church, business casual events, a date, a night out with friend, or dinner with your parents. I also love how she paired mauve and periwinkle together even though this is a “wintery” outfit. So chic.

This last few weeks, Bryanboy (see my post featuring him here) was busy watching the runway shows of Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and John Galliano. Needless to say, I’m insanely jealous. It goes without saying that he looked faboosh the entire time.

Printed pants are hard to pull off–they often end up looking like pajamas. Still you have to applaud BB’s always bold choices. I love his chocolate-colored trench coat, spaceman sunglasses, and Lanvin sneakers.

Susie of Style Bubble manages to look bold and editorial-esque, but still relatable to everyday people. I don’t know how she balances it! Susie like many of my favorite bloggers has been busy checking out the hottest runway shows. I almost always agree with her comments on high-end designer lines. Careful when you visit her site–hours will pass by and you’ll still be staring at her pretty clothes instead of doing your laundry/writing that paper/getting any sleep.

Susie boldly combines several different prints, which is one of my favorite fashion risks to take. The floral dress, camel stripes coat, and giraffe hat all contrast so much but come together so beautifully.

Karla’s Closet is one of the most well-known style blogs out there. She might look like Audrey Hepburn, but her style is anything but plain. I just started reading her blog on the reg, but it’s quickly become one of my favorites.

Karla’s motorcycle jacket, lace dress, ruby red lips, wayfarers, and crimson nails are beyond flawless. God she’s beautiful.

Le Blog De Betty is vintage inspired, fun, colorful, and quirky! This blog is crazy popular as well. Betty is French (and sometimes writes in French too) but the goodies lie in her hipster-esque outfits.

I love the idea of skinny colored jeans, especially these salmon colored ones. I’m going to Vegas on Monday, and my goal is to find a pair of purple skinnies! The chunky necklace and blazer dress up her loose gray t-shirt really nicely as well.

Kelly of the Glamourai is one of Forever 21’s “Style Muses” along with Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere and Rumi Neely. Her signature cat-eye sunglasses add a nice finishing touch to her sophisticated, runway-inspired outfits. She love mixing prints, load of accessories, and sexy stilettos.

I love this horse-print dress. It reminds me of those long johns and hoodies made by Primp that were so popular a few seasons ago, but this dress is the grown-up version of it. It looks especially rad with her printed scarf, red sunglasses that don’t match anything else she’s wearing, and black ankle boots.

Happy Spring Break!

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Spring Break Style and Travel Tips

When a break from school is approaching, students across the nation begin speaking in numbers. Examples:

I only have 40 dollars, 3 tests, 2 papers, and 1 week standing in the way of spring break.

I can’t wait to pound 8 shots and 3 margaritas the minute the 17 long hour drive to the beach is over.

I’m going to double by $500 playing 21 in Vegas.

Nothing arouses excitement in a student like dreams of spring break. Whether you’re going to the beach, the slopes, or cuddling up on your own couch, we’ve got a full week to completely block out school and blow off some steam. OU Daily Fashion is here to provide you with some tips on looking great, staying safe, and making the most of your vacation.

General Travel Tips

  • I know I’m preaching to the choir, but use the buddy system. Nothing ruins a trip like a missing friend found faced down in a gutter. Always let someone know where you’ll be, don’t go home with any randos, and keep and eye on your drinks.
  • Budget your money. After a few drinks, buying everyone a round of shots might seem like a great idea. Take out enough cash to use for the day, and only use your credit card for emergencies.
  • Explore more than just the nightlife of wherever you’re vacationing. Museums, mini golf, or checking out a unique restaurant can be the most memorable part of your trip! Check Groupon and LivingSocial for deals. You never know what you might find!
  • As fun as partying all day every day sounds, take care of your health! Getting sick over spring break would not only ruin your fun, but set you back when you need to get back to school and hit the books. Drink tons of water, take a multivitamin, and get plenty of sleep.

Beach Bunnies

Unless you’re super close to the equator, know that the beach is still going to be a bit chilly. I made this mistake freshman year in Panama City and again last year in the Bahamas by only bringing shorts, tank tops, sundresses, and swimming suits with my. It’s always cooler by the beach, so bring a pair of linen pants and a hoodie to make sure you stay comfortable.

The Slopes

Obviously, in this situation, function wins out over fashion. That doesn’t mean you have to look like a slob doing so though. I’ve never been skiing, so I can’t offer much help, but I imagine that avoiding trees and other skiers is the best way to spend your trip.

The Vegas

Glitz, glamour, and excess are all welcome in Las Vegas. My one word of advice to you is WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. Even if that means going to TAO in flats. Casinos are huge and about half a mile wide. Walking anywhere takes forever, and if you’re not prepared you could come home with some nasty blisters and a limp.

For more on Vegas, click here.

Concert Festival

There’s no better way to spend Spring Break in the midwest that to go to a concert or two. With South by Southwest in Austin, you’ll want to wear shorts and a t-shirt to keep you cool. Up the style with a pair of high waisted shorts, a hippie headband, and a a huge pair of sunnies. Don’t forget sunscreen if you’re outside!


Lucky you! While your friends are blowing their savings and potentially making some bad decisions, you get a week to veg out and be completely lazy. Stock up on your favorite movies and buy a stack of magazines. Just don’t even think about school–if you spend your off-time studying, you’re sure to burn out.

For more of my nuggets of wisdom after doomsday graduation, check out my new blog here!



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John Galliano: the Newest Initiate into Club SOB

…But in all seriousness, who can trust a man with mermaid hair and a skinny moustache?

In a long line of eccentric male designers (Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Uncle Karl) John Galliano made them all look tame. While they dress umm, “conservatively” for the the fashion world, John Galliano was often as decked out as the girls on his runways.

Galliano was the creative director and head designer of Christian Dior, but fired over a scandal including anti-Semitism, assault, and a video documenting his affinity for Hitler. Allegedly, Natalie Portman was supposed to wear Dior on the Red Carpet for the Oscars but changed to Rodarte last minute because of the scandal.

True to celebrity fashion, John Galliano has publicly apologized and checked himself into rehab. I don’t exactly see how rehab can treat racism, but that’s what Hollywood would like for us to think.

One thing Galliano can be thankful for is that this hit the media at the same time as Charlie Sheen’s insanity peaking. When Mel Gibson offers you his support, you know you have issues.

Perhaps Sheen and Galliano can ban together. Charlie’s fire breathing fists might singe Galliano’s Fabio-esque hair off. That mane could make at least 5 wigs for cancer-stricken children.

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