Trend Predictions For Fall 2010

Don’t be fooled by the over 100 degree weather Soonerland has been experiencing the past month—before you know it, leaves will change color and cold fronts will set in, making your morning hikes across campus just a bit more temperate.

Along with football season, holidays, and midterms, the fall season brings a new wave of fashion trends for us to drool over.  The great thing about fall and winter trends is that they can be integrated in anyone’s wardrobe, no matter their body type (unlike this summer’s wildly popular crop tops and sheer items).

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite trends that I predict will be popular around campus this fall. Also detailed are some styled spotted on runways that well, I have the feeling won’t be embraced by the general public. These looks are affordable, wearable, and can probably be created with items already in your closet!

90’s Grunge Comeback

This trend has been gaining momentum the past few seasons and is coming full force this fall. Scout out your closet and find your favorite cozy flannel button-down, a pair of ripped jeans, and casual shoes like Converse All Stars or Vans slip-ons. A slouchy beanie or oversized cardigan will help you achieve that oh-so alluring “I just rolled out of bed” look. Artfully layered t-shirts, cardigans, work shirts, and chunky scarves will be popular as well.

The great thing about this trend is its happy coincidence with the fashion mentality of most college students.  Instead of looking “sloppy” in ripped jeans, the American Apparel v-neck you slept in, and dirty Chacos, fashionistas will admire the Kurt Cobain-inspired look you’re rocking. The disheveled way your hair looks after walking to campus from the commuter lot will actually work in your favor, as will yesterday’s smeared makeup you didn’t have time to wash off.

If this trend is too unkempt for your taste, get a more polished look by throwing on a pair of heels and adding a few quality accessories, like Mary Kate Olsen and Kate Beckinsale pictured above.  Another way to work grunge into your wardrobe is by playing with proportions. Pair a baggy button down with a pair of skinny jeans, or a fitted t-shirt with worn out boyfriend jeans. Contrast is key for keeping this trend looking fresh and not dated.

For More Inspiration: Look on Google for images of the grand daddy of grunge, Kurt Cobain, for true source material. Mary Kate Olsen, Brittany Murphy in Clueless, and fashion blogger Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast are great examples too.

Back In Black

Nothing looks more sleek and badass then stepping out in head to toe black. Spotted on celebrities, street style blogs, and runways alike, you can bet that this will be a popular choice on the streets of Norman.

The great thing about this trend is you can easily incorporate it into your wardrobe no matter what your personal style might be. Go rocker-chic with black liquid leggings or a motorcycle jacket, or channel Audrey Hepburn classic with cigarette pants and a black turtleneck.

To keep this looking chic (and not like waitress or stage manager) be sure to accessorize well. A chunky necklace or scarf can make all the difference in ensuring your outfit seems intentional and stylish, not like you’re about to rob a bank. Try playing with textures. Mix leather with cotton, or black denim with knit. A great pair of heels or boots can really enhance an all black ensemble.

For More Inspiration: Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Taylor Momsen, or Marilyn Manson for your edgy side.


7 years ago, it was all about boys squeezing into girls’ jeans. Lately, girls have been raiding the closets of their boyfriends, brothers, or BGF (best guy friend) for the latest fashion trends.

Since Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall,” androgyny has been the epitome of daring fashion. Much like the grunge trend, this is a happy conscience for college students as well due to the laid back and cozy nature of many menswear pieces. Raid the closet of your favorite male and look for worn in sweaters and cardigans, a masculine watch, t-shirts, belts, or hats!

Boyfriend jeans and blazers have been hot for a few seasons now, but it may be hard to come across a male that’s close to the same size as you. You could have better luck searching at American Eagle, Forever 21, or even the Goodwill on 12 St. for the right fit. Buying t-shirts in the men’s section, especially at places like Urban Outfitters, is one of my favorite shopping tricks. The longer and straighter cuts of men’s shirts are much more flattering than the shorter and wider ones made for females.

Too keep yourself from looking like a drag king (or like you’re taking a walk of shame), be sure to pair masculine items with feminine pieces. Katie Holmes does it well by wearing jeweled sandals with baggy jeans, and Rihanna looks fierce in a dress and blazer. Also, be aware of the context and your surroundings—rocking a Colombia fishing shirt with heels to your 9:00 am class Friday morning might send the wrong message to those around you.

For More Inspiration: Emmanuelle Alt of Vogue Paris, Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, Sam Ronson, and the queen of wearing whatever the heck she feels like, Kate Moss.

Leopard Print

Hardly new to the fashion world, leopard remains one of the most popular prints in women’s fashion today. Take it up a notch this season by trying out a leopard dress, coat, or pair of shoes. Leopard print has been all over fashion blogs, and is a favorite of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe (I die!)

I know what you’re thinking—embracing this much leopard can be a bit frightening.  First claimed by the “ladies who lunch” crowd, recently it’s been a favorite among the cast of Jersey Shore.  Wearing leopard (or any) printed fabrics in the wrong way can make you look like a hot mess.  However, with the right styling, leopard can look incredibly street-chic and “model off duty” if you will. I’ve been known to rock a little (well, a lot) of leopard print out and about in Norman, and I’ve yet to be mistaken for Snooki.  Maybe it’s the lack of volume in my hair.

Leopard print is easier to pair with things in your closet than you might initially think. It’s considered a neutral by expert fashionistas, so feel free to pair a leopard print jacket with a brightly colored dress, pair of jeans, or trousers. Obviously, stay away from other busy prints. The leopard print item should be the focus of your outfit, so stay away from piles of jewelry or overwhelming makeup to avoid looking like a bag lady.

For More Inspiration: check out Alexa Chung, Rachel Zoe, and Animal Planet.

And A Few Trends You Probably Won’t Be Seeing…

The fashion world has had their fair amount of flops throughout the years; bolo ties, parachute pants, and shutter shades to name a few. Here are a few trends that runways have desperately been trying to make popular, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing them anytime soon.

Extreme Denim on Denim

Design empires such as Ralph Lauren and Proenza Schouler have recently sent Texas Tuxedos down their runways. Chambray work shirts, denim vests, and jean jackets have been rising in popularity, but please, never pair any of these items with a pair of jeans in the same shade! The right way to rock this trend is through contrast, such as a chambray top paired with a deep denim pair of jeans.

Fur Blocking

I love a (faux) fur vest, stole, or coat. Warm and elegant, its perfect for New Year’s Eve and occasions in the winter where you want to look fancy but your trusty peacoat isn’t cutting it. I’m not buying into “fur blocking,” or select panels of fur on a piece of clothing, such as the chest of a coat or the sleeves. I’m also not a fan of the fur boot concept—channeling Sasquatch will never be chic.


These appear on runways every single season, and this year they’re stronger than ever. I attribute it to the vampire craze taking over the world (damn you Kristen Stewart!) To me, only group of individuals allowed to wear capes should be super heroes. Batman and Superman save the world, so they can do whatever they want. I know Dakota Fanning looked perfectly goth-chic in the latest Twilight movie, but she also glitters in the sunlight and is a teenager millionaire, making her a part of the “super hero” category. I’ll exempt her from punishment I guess.


Which one of these trends will you be rocking this season? Which ones are a little too ridiculous or out there for your taste? What other trends do you think we’ll be seeing on campus? Discuss with a comment!

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One Response to Trend Predictions For Fall 2010

  1. Jim says:

    Many of your predictions were slight obvious- but none-the-less informative. I found it interesting the three trends you suggested we won’t be seeing were probably the three biggest trends of the past few months- capes, fur, and “double denim.”
    I can’t however, imagine anyone on a southern/ midwest university campus following any of these trends. Girls can’t seem to shake the whole: northface jacket, leggings and uggs look.

    Ever considering doing a feature for men?

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