Campus Corner Couture: Hot Outfits for a Cold Night on the Town

There’s a little winter time issue that I’m sure many of you stylish gals have come across–I like the call this problem the HICO (Hot Inside, Cold Inside) debacle.

Whether you’re on a date, hitting up Logan’s or seven47 on Campus Corner, or even hanging out at a friend’s house, most of us like to look good whilst socializing. The oh-so great thing about a laid back gathering at a friend’s house, movie theater, or restaurant is that there is a logical place to leave your coat–at a place where it (most likely) won’t get stolen.

The HICO debacle mainly comes into play when you go to a crowded place to socialize and you’ll be mingling a lot–places like bars, big house parties, and fraternity houses (oh wait, partying NEVER happens at fraternities). The paradox is, these places often don’t have the greatest parking amenities, making the “ditch and dash” (ditching your coat in the car and dashing into the party) nearly impossible if you chill easily like me.

What’s a girl to do? You don’t want to cover up your outfit with a thick wool peacoat, but showing up somewhere in a tank top in the winter is just distasteful. You don’t want to burn up while inside, but is that really worse than freezing to death and catching a cold while outside?

After much thought and consideration, I’ve come up with a few solutions to the HICO problem. These outfits are stylish, seasonal, and will help protect you from the elements as you dart into the building from your car.

Interesting to find out how to solve the HICO problem? Read on for tips!

Make a Sweater Sexy

A chunky knit sweater doesn’t always have to be matronly or tacky. Look for an off-the shoulder, v-neck, or cropped version to up the style factor. Dress it up with a pair of skinny jeans, high-heeled oxfords, and chic jewelry.

Pair Dressy Shorts with Tights

Not everyone is a fan of this look–I didn’t understand it at first glance either, but it has grown on me. Sequins, tweed, lace, leather, and satin are all the right materials to make shorts night-time appropriate. Finish the outfit with a pair of ankle boots, cardigan, and a cocktail ring.

Layer with a Blazer

Blazers come in so many styles and at every price point, and are versatile enough for day or night. Pair a blazer with a sequin top, skinny jeans, sky high stilettos, and a cuff bracelet.

Cover up with a Pashmina

You know that buttery-soft scarf you picked up in New York City for $5 in Little Italy? Dust if off and wrap it around your shoulders when outside, and tie it around your neck while inside! The outfit about reminds me of something Zooey Deschanel would wear. Pair it with a floral dress, tights, a belt, lace up booties, and a headband.

Wear a Leather Jacket

Nothing toughens up a frilly dress like a badass leather jacket. They’re also super handy for transitioning a dress from summer to fall, and on into winter if it’s the right color and fabric. Finish a leather jacket and dress combo with ankle booties and a statement necklace.

Try Liquid Leggings

Shiny leggings don’t have to look reminiscent of Snooki! Keep the rest of your outfit simple, and you’ll look trendy not trashy. The added bonus of these babies is that they completely block out the cold wind–no popsicle legs! Just be sure that the tunic you pair it with is long enough to cover your bum.

Wear Thigh-High Socks

Another uber-trendy way to keep warm while going out this winter is by rocking a pair of thigh high socks! These look great when paired with a mini-dress, headband, and vintage necklace. You can wear tall socks with mary-janes, oxfords, or pumps, but the most up-to-date way to wear these is to let the peek out over a pair of boots.

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2 Responses to Campus Corner Couture: Hot Outfits for a Cold Night on the Town

  1. Hi Chelsea. Saw your nice post on College Fashion. Would like to invite you to take part in a field test we’re currently running. Shoot me an email for all the details. Thx

  2. Fedu says:

    Great sessions Chelsea!

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