Thanksgiving Blessings OU Daily Fashion’s Style

Ahh, the holdiay is upon us. Between cramming your face with cranberry sauce and beer pong tournaments with your extended family, take a moment to consider what things in life you’re truly thankful for. For me, this includes my space heater, down comforter, rum balls, Advil, and strong cocktails.

In fashion terms, there’s several items that deserve an extra kudos, especially on days like tomorrow when we’ll all be full, bloated, and possibly hungover. Here’s the short list of things I’ve thankful for…


Thank the lord for Spanx! These babies squeeze you in all the right places and makes your back and belly fat vanish. They disguise panty lines, make your thighs look thin, and make you look all around better in any dress or skirt.

Chunky Sweaters


 A chunky sweater is perfect for all occasion, from lounging around on a cold night to dashing to class when you’ve woken up late. I’m thankful for these because they’re the perfect solution for looking chic while having a lazy day.

Trapper Hat

So, I get COLD. I freeze so easily! Without a fuzzy warm hat complete with earflaps I would be SOL come winter. It blocks the wind and fulfills my every sartorial dream.

Dry Shampoo

Don’t let Heidi Montag give this stuff a bad name–I would have serious grease issues if it weren’t for dry shampoo. With a few sprays, your second-day hair can go from flat to fabulous. If you have thin and tangly hair like mine, dry shampoo is truly a lifesaver.


This is another great piece that helps you look nice on your lazy days. Get the look of jeans without the stiff and cold feel. They look great when paired with the aforementioned chunky sweater and a pair of boots.

Red Lipstick

This is the ultimate pick-me-up. Anytime you need an extra kick of confidence or your outfit needs some flair, turn to red lipstick to make any occassion a bit more festive.

Sexy Lingerie

Nothing makes you feel sexy and confident like some sexy lingerie. Wear it under a drab outfit if you’re feeling a bit naughty. I have tons of sets that I like to wear while doing boring things at home when my roommate is out, like laundry or dishes (sorry bout ya Lexie).

Happy Thanksgiving from the OU DAILY!

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