Trendspotting: Lace Up Ankle Boots

Rumi Neely of fashiontoast in Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots.

Since September or October, I’ve been coveting a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots. I’ve got to give props to the marketing team on this one: conventionally, these shoes are hideous. By sending swag to esteemed style bloggers, they’ve reached “must have” status by anyone who reads Rumi Neely, Liz Cherkasova, and other “it girl” blogs on the reg. My package came in the mail exactly a week ago, and I want to wear these shoes every time I leave the house.

These shoes are right on trend with the latest 90’s revival runways have been touting. They’re the right balance between grunge rock with a haute couture aesthetic. These run at about $150 a pop, but I’ve found a few pairs that have the same look without draining your bank account:

Black High Tops, Brown Flats, Tan Suede, Gray Tweed, Shearling Boots, Brown Oxfords, Peep Toe Boots

Clueless on how to style a pair of lace up ankle boots? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

1. Casual with jeans and a jacket

This outfit is easy and right on trend. Shearling-lined pilot jackets are making a comeback, evoking memories of my favorite jacket from Abercrombie back in my middle school days. Flared jeans are back as well, which I’m actually really excited about. They make your legs look miles long and are so flattering for pear shaped girls. Since this outfit is trendy enough, lay off of too many accessories–a simple beanie will complete the look just fine.

2. Chic for a night out

Because of the muted, taupe-y tone to these shoes, its completely fine to mix brown and black! I think a pair of lace up boots will look great with a pair of sheer tights and a leather skirt. Top it off with a chic blouse, statement necklace, and a knuckle ring.

3.Contrasting and fun

My personal style is all about contrast, but if this is too crazy for you, it would look great with a cardigan or sweater instead of a fur vest! A floral dress like this is perfect for winter seasons because it’s the right coloring. Finish with tights and a headband.

4. Urban and trendy

Skinny jeans and lace up boots make for a winning combination. Dress it up with a muted tunic, faux fur coat, and a statement necklace. This sort of outfit is perfect for a night out when you want to look dressed up, but still be comfortable and warm.

What do you think about lace up boots? Would you ever wear a pair?

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One Response to Trendspotting: Lace Up Ankle Boots

  1. Laura says:

    I love this. Lace up ankle boots are my favorite.

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