Sharp Dressed Men: 4 Campus Corner Looks for OU’s Finest Males

A recent comment pointed out to me something pretty obvious–I’ve completely avoided the male sector of the fashion world. Since I know a portion of OU Daily Fashion readers are male (and all happen to be friends of mine), I thought I’d make a post just for Y-O-U!

Take a tip from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and always keep this inevitable truth in mind: there is nothing more horrifying than a man in a pair of sweatpants. Running pants are alright, but that’s because they’re more structured and manly than the shapeless fabric supported only by a thin string of elastic known as sweats. Unless you’re on the OU track team (which a few of my BGF’s–Best Guy Friends happen to be a part of) I’d advise you to stick to jeans when in doubt.

Sometimes I get jealous when I think about the minimal effort required for a man to look good. On the flip side, it’s nice being a girl and having a plethora of tools at your disposal to make yourself look good. That being said, ask ANY girl–a mediocre looking guy can be a 10 with a good personality and sense of style, and a gorgeous man can to docked down to a 2 if his mouth spews douchebaggery.

The good news is, a guy can look awesome with just a few key pieces. Less is more for a guy–no one likes a man in too much jewelry! I’ve put together a few different looks for guy. Note the lack of distressed jeans, baseball caps, and hoodies.

Simple and Boyish

You can’t go wrong with a basic striped shirt and a rugged pair of Levi’s. Graphic tees are a bit tricky–OU shirts or a vintage looking band tee are both safe bets. I like humorous and ironic t-shirts, as long as they’re in the vein of Urban Outfitters and not “I’m With Stupid.” Highly stylized designs, tattoo art, walking advertisements, and anything that looks like something worn on the Jersey Shore should probably be avoided. Some might claim that it’s judgmental to stereotype people who wear Ed Hardy and Affliction, but the sad truth is that people automatically peg this look synonymous with “douchebag.” Stick with something simple–it will serve you better both with the ladies and in the real world (not Real World).

Preppy and Refined

A classy man won’t go wrong with a dress shirt and tie combo. Dress it down with a cardigan and a casual pair of khaki pants. This type of look for a guy is great because you’ll literally be prepared for any situation, from a meeting to a social gathering. Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren make beautiful dress shirts, but you can find a decent one almost anywhere menswear is sold. Skinny ties with cardigans have been popular since their triumphant return in movies such as 500 Days of Summer, but if you’re a bigger guy a skinny tie will just look ridiculous. A D-ring belt and boat shoes complete the ensemble.

Total Frat Move

Just a warning: outside of Soonerland, people generally don’t wear collared dress shirts with fleece vests. Embrace this look while you can, because in Norman, this is you’re typical frat boy uniform–dress shirt, Columbia, Patagonia, or North Face vest, jeans, and cowboy boots. Oh wait, I mean BOOTS (every guy friend I have that rocks these get a little sensitive when you refer to them as “cowboy boots.”) Always worn under the jeans, not over. Maybe this is a Texas thing–no one in Tulsa dresses like this unless they’re also an OU fratstar. Complete the look with a balance bracelet (why people believe a hologram sticker helps their athletic ability is beyond me).

Trendy yet Manly

I have an ex that aggressively expressed his distaste for other males that wore scarves. I have no idea why. Scarves are easy and look good with anything (besides a t-shirt that is). Given that you’re wearing at least a long sleeved top, a scarf can add a hint of style to your outfit. You can’t go wrong with a worn-in flannel and trusty pair of jeans, and the recent military trend is just as hot for guys as it is girls. Suede desert sand boots will add a bit more edge than a plain pair of Sperrys.

For more on all things trendy, check out the OU Daily!

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