Christmas Fashion: Holiday Outfit Ideas

Words cannot describe the sheer joy I felt the minute my finals were complete. After a few nights of reckless abandon, graduation fiestas, desperate emails to professors, and tearful goodbyes to friends we grew to love (so long Four Loko), we’ve all finally made it home. For me, being in my hometown means high school reunions, exploring new territory that only the 21+ have access to, endless and free delicious food, and laying in bed watching movies all day long.

Christmas is here (as is Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, and whichever other holiday I need to mention to keep this post politically correct) which means social gatherings are at an all time high (well, just short of the week we move back to college). Although most of us will probably be spending the holiday with our families, looking good is crucial. With the number of parents on Facebook growing, pictures of you in fuzzy pajamas and unbrushed hair tearing through presents Christmas morning is a real threat. It doesn’t stop in the morning though: my clever cousin (known as Liv Glam in the fashion blogging world) thought it would be hilarious to document my post-thanksgiving coma and share it with the cyber world. Olivia, you will rue the day you caught me drooling and passed out on film!

Everyone has different traditions they look forward to, and there is no shortage of awesome items out there to make you look both stylish and festive. I’ll break down a few looks for you.

Goofy Christmas Sweater

There’s nothing I love more than a great goofy Christmas sweater. Anyone who has seen me at seven47 in the last month can confirm this statement. Make it fun and not frumpy by pairing it with skinny jeans and a sparkly pair of lace up shoes. Keep it quirky with Christmas ornament earrings.

Laid Back and Casual

If your holiday plans include chasing kids around the house (hopefully not offspring of your own) heels and dangling earrings and just not an option. A flannel shirt is both cozy and holiday-appropriate, and pull on a cardigan sweater for extra warmth. Jeans and your trusty pair of Sperrys complete the look.

Christmas Morning

This one’s tricky–not only is getting glammed up Christmas morning to open presents impractical, but if and when those pictures surface on Facebook, odds are people will a)know you got dressed up, and b)think you’re weird for doing so. Avoid this problem by wearing killer pajamas. If you don’t own a robe already, I highly suggest you invest in one. They’re perfect for roaming the house when your roommate’s pesky significant other is loafing on the couch.

Christmas Eve Cocktails

Many people I know spend Christmas Eve at classy cocktail parties, which calls for something season appropriate but still super fly. Long sleeved minidresses are huge this season, and one covered in sequins is sure to make you the center of attention. These dresses are all about showing off your legs, so pair it with a sky high pair of bright red heels. Finish with festive earrings and wingy black old Hollywood styled eyeliner.

Sweet and Subtly Festive

There’s nothing cozier than a huge loose cashmere sweater and a pair of jeggings. When buying jeggings, look for pairs that have actual pockets and stitching (none of that painted on garbage) and do us all a favor by TREATING THEM LIKE LEGGINGS! Ugh, speaking from the student body, we’ve all seen enough legging-induced camel toes parading down the south oval. Keep your lady bits covered up, and the Soonerland will be a better place. Make this basic outfit Christmas-y and cute by adding a pair of shiny gold flats, a green headband, and quirky holiday earrings.

Need more help getting through the holidays? Check out the OU Daily !

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One Response to Christmas Fashion: Holiday Outfit Ideas

  1. Chels!! Fabulous as aLwAyS my fashionable cousin. Thanks for the mention, what a sweets surprise! You failed to mention though that you looked absolutely chic even all cozy and napping on the couch;)! I love your style, your blog, and your amazing ability to shine everywhere you go… So proud!! XO
    As for the long sleeved mini dress… bravo! Found one last week while out looking for a New Years Eve dress, LoVe it!!

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