Christmas Wish List

  1. Gold Three-Strand Headband. The one pictured is by Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow, but I’m fairly certain I can find one that well, doesn’t cost $200. Part bohemian, part Greek goddess. This headpiece is perfect for adding an exotic flair to a basic outfit.
  2. Cross 2-Finger Knuckle Ring. These are a staple of every popular style blogger. They’re flying off the shelves at Forever 21 (or XXI as my friends and I like to call it). By the grace of God I found one yesterday. They’re only $4, so grab every one you can find and give them to friends as chic Christmas presents.
  3. Combat Boots. A throwback to the 90’s, and the perfect way to add edge to your basic skinny jeans and tunic combination.
  4. Gray Menswear Fedora. Perfect for messy hair, a scarf, peacoat, and trousers. It looks equally cool with a lacy dress.
  5. Shearling Aviator Jacket. Another 90’s throwback. Not only are these things super warm, but they’ll give a simple pair of jeans and boots a street-style, “homeless chic” sort of look. It looks especially cool paired with a leather skirt.
  6. Black Suede Wedges. Ideal for nights on the town, especially when walking is required. I live 4 or 5 blocks form Campus Corner, so my primary means of transportation on Thursday-Saturday is by foot, making stilettos an unsavory option. Wedges give you height and a better center of gravity.
  7. Bell Bottoms. They’re coming back, I know it! I’m going to look for a pair that are cut high at the waist, so I can pair them with loose crop tops, or tuck in floral tank tops. They’ll look great with platforms and wedges.
  8. Gold Menswear Watch. I have a silver one, but I want a gold one as well! It’s such an easy way to dress up an outfit.
  9. Leopard Trench Coat. This is exactly what I need to pair with cocktail dresses and for formal occasions. It’s so elegant, and will do well dressed down too.
  10. Leather Shorts. I picked up a pair of these at XXI yesterday as well. Worn with tights, boots, and a slouchy sweater in the winter, or with wedges and a sheer v-neck in warmer weather. Truly, they’re to die for.
  11. Cropped Top. Showing your stomach out in public without a swimming pool isn’t the classiest of moves, but I LOVE the look of a cropped top with a high waist skirt or over a fitted dress or tank top.
  12. Long Slouchy Sweater. I saw this sweater at American Eagle yesterday and fell in love. This huge cable knit sweater is perfect with any pair of jeans, a fitted skirt, over a dress, on top of leggings, virtually anything in your closet. As soon as I round up $60 I’m heading directly back to the mall.

What’s on your wish list??

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