Fantastic Buy: Columbia Omni-Heat Vest

During finals week, a package appeared at my door–ah, my first piece of swag! I knew that being a blogger would have its perks! A woman’s size small crimson colored Omni-Heat vest was sent to me from the lovely folks at Columbia Sportswear. Already a fan of their fleeces and fishing shirts, I excitedly tried on the vest and wore it out for a grueling day at Price Lounge studying economics.

Things I Love About the Omni Heat Vest

  • It runs a bit large, but this is good for layering purposes. Throw a vest like this on over your usual winter coat for an extra boost of warmth.
  • It’s extremely light weight and thin, again perfect for layering. It comes with pockets too!
  • They send me a crimson colored vest! I can’t wait to wear this next football season to a chilly game with jeans, a beanie, a thermal shirt and a scarf. Oh wait, I’m graduating.
  • This baby is WARM! It was one of those days in Norman that starts off temperate but gets outrageously cold by sundown. I wore my Omni-Heat vest with a pair of jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and loafers. I was comfortable walking to Price from where I live (Boyd and Chautauqua) in about 65 degree sunny weather, and stayed cool while studying indoors. By the time I left, it was around 40 degrees and windy. I was shocked how warm I felt while walking back home!

The only complaint I have is the shiny metallic lining, but I suppose it’s part of how the Omni heat technology works. Plus, the lining is covered when you wear the vest, so it’s unnoticeable. This piece is great for anyone into outdoor athletics, such as skiing. It’s a bit pricey (the price tag on the one sent to be was $130) but I think would be worth it if you bike, hike, or ski frequently. I will certainly wear this the next time it snows in Nompton, or if I have to be outside in the cold for a prolonged period of time.

If you’re interested in buying an Omni-Heat Vest, click here or here for a less expensive Columbia vest!

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