New Year’s Resolutions: OU Daily Fashion Edition

I hope you all had a fabooosh New Year’s Eve…I know I certainly did! The convention center fiesta followed by hotel hall party in Tulsa was the place to be. I left without the shoes, $150 dollars, and dignity I started the night with, but gained dozens of priceless photos and anecdotes. It was probably the most fun New Year’s yet.

The not so fun part of New Years is reflecting on the goals and resolutions you set last year, observing how you failed, and setting new ones for this year. OU Daily Fashion (meaning me) present to you 5 fashion and beauty resolutions you actually might be about to keep!

1. I will never fall asleep wearing makeup.

Stained pillows, red eyes, and wrinkles in 10 years will suck. I know how after a long day, washing your face can feel like a real daunting task. If you’re super lazy like me, pick up make up remover pads (my favorite are by Neutrogena…they’re super soft and work great!)

2. I will never tuck baggy sweatpants into Ugg boots.

For the love of God, please NEVER let me catch you wearing a semblance of this ridiculous outfit. If you must wear Uggs, at least put on a pair of jeans, and if you have to wear sweatpants put on a pair of sneakers. Perhaps if we shun others who are seen in public wearing this atrocity, they’ll get the picture and quit as well.

3. I will look awesome whenever I feel like it.

I cannot tell you how often I get asked “why are you wearing heels?” or “what are you so dressed up for?” Apparently wearing a skirt to class is a rarity in Soonerville. Next time you get asked a question like that, smile and reply with “because I damn well please!” Never let others influence the way you want to dress. If you feel like curling your hair before class, do it! If you feel like wearing Norts and Shape-Ups to seven47, feel free. The point is to do what you want.

4. I will cool it on the impulse purchases.

I love me some Forever 21 (XXI as I like to say) but I could probably buy a Birkin with all the money I’ve blown on crap there. Be a smart shopper–make lists, and plan plan plan! Forever 21 is perfect for really trendy items that will likely go out of style soon. Don’t be seduced by the eye-catching displays; think quality over quantity.

5. I will take better care of all of my clothes.

To me, a wardrobe is an investment. Clothes can last forever if you take time to properly wash, store, and treat clothing. Only dry clean items once or twice a year, and keep those items fresh with Febreeze and a steamer. Flip clothes inside out before washing them to avoid pilling and to keep colors rich. Don’t let clothes lay around in piles on your floor. Treat them with the respect they deserve!

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