Dry Shampoo: What Kind to Buy and Why it Rocks

Promise you won’t judge me? I HATE washing my hair. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like a steamy long hot shower to start or end your day, but working out tangles, taking time to blow dry, frying it with a flat iron, and losing a handful of it in the process? Not my cup of tea. Fortunately, dry shampoo has come to my rescue. In case you’ve never used it, it’s made of powder that you either spray on as an aerosol or sprinkle on directly to your scalp, and brush through until the oil in your hair is absorbed and the grayish tint is disbursed. It leaves your hair smelling great, gives it volume, and cures the second-day-hair lifeless look that some hair textures get.

Since I’m a total fangirl, I’ve tried tons of different brands at every price point. Here’s my opinion on each of them.

TIGI Rockstar

This stuff smells incredible, and does it’s job really well. It sprays on really thick for an aerosol (which I love), but it’s a bit on the pricey end at $20. This is one of the easier brands to find, so look for it at some superstores and most hair salons.


Batiste might come in an old lady looking can, but it does it’s job and comes at a great price (around $9 at Sally’s). It comes as an aerosol and sprays a little thinner than I would prefer, but since it’s so cheap you can use a lot and not feel bad about it. Blush scent is my favorite!


Ojon works great…the first time you use it. Afterwards, the spray gets clogged and renders it unusable. I talked to the lady at Sephora, and she said that this almost always happens with Ojon dry shampoo aerosol spray, so don’t waste your $25 on this product. However, I recently got this in it’s powder form and it works great!

Baby Powder

Baby powder works great if you’re in a pinch–just sprinkle a bit on your finger tips and rub it in. I wouldn’t recommend using it unless you have light colored hair though, as it’s whitish tint is hard to brush out. Also, it can leave your hair smelling like baby powder which some people aren’t a fan of.

T3 Dry Shampoo

What’s great about this dry shampoo is that it comes in blonde, brown, black, and red, so the gray or whitish tint that dry shampoo leaves isn’t a problem. I wouldn’t recommend this dry shampoo though because the colored residue rubs off on your hand and pillow. Boys, if you thought the foundation girl wear was gross, wait until a lady’s hair starts leave stain. Sick.

Oscar Di Blandi

I love this stuff! It’s a bit on the pricey side ($22) but its lemony scent keeps you coming back. Plus, I’ve found that powdered forms last SOOOO much longer. The easiest way I’ve found to apply it is to flip your head upside down, sprinkle some powder in your hand, and rub it into your scalp in sections. Brush your hair really well afterwards, and blast with a hair dryer if you need help blending it in.

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder

This stuff is great as well! It comes in different colors, but it’s residue doesn’t rub off like T3’s does. It’s pretty expensive ($25) but if you prefer an aerosol and you prefer color options, Bumble and Bumble is the way to go.

TRESemme Fresh Start

Although I haven’t tried this product, this review made it sound terrible. It’s really cheap and easy to find, but the extra cost of buying a product from Ulta or Sephora is worth it.

The moral of the story? Powder forms last at least 8 times longer than aerosols do, so that will give you the most bang for your buck. If you prefer aerosol styles, look for ones that spray on thick and don’t leave gross color residue.

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4 Responses to Dry Shampoo: What Kind to Buy and Why it Rocks

  1. Jacquelynn says:

    I have tried TRESemme Fresh Start and it gets rid of the oily hair look but leaves your hair feeling really nasty.

    • Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I actually have a couple of those cans, so I guess they’ll do the trick for now. A good alternative for baby powder is bronzer or powder foundation for brunettes. It’s just less white-ish.

  2. Bronzer is my sister’s go-to! She applies it with the puff it comes with haha–I’m not sure why it freaks me out, but I know I need to try it, my mom HATES when i leave the house with grayish hair

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