Fashion Challenges for the Sartorially Fearless

In addition to this blog, I’m a writer for CollegeFashion. I write a column called Fashion Challenge, which encourages readers to take on a difficult styling task. Some of my favorite articles are Wear Sneakers with a Skirt or a Dress, Wear a Monochromatic Outfit, Make a North Face Jacket Stylish, and Borrow Something from Your Mom’s Closet.

Something I try to focus on with these challenges is to wear clothes you already have in a new way. I’m on a budget and if I spend too much money on clothes, I’ll have to go without my necessities (Ramen noodles and seven47).

So many people style their outfits piece by piece–a uniform of a cute dress, or a cute top complimented by a pair of pants. These challenges I’ve found force you to think holistically, in outfits rather than pieces you have.

Got a little free time? Read on to find out about some popular style challenges among the blogosphere, and maybe (just maybe) try one out for yourself!

1. No Jeans January

This one is pretty self explanatory. I’m not sure why the world picked January and not June or July when NOT wearing pants is easier. Perhaps the added temperature obstacle is intentional though. Wear tights with your skirts and shorts, try a pair of trousers, skinny cargos, or patterned leggings.

2. Wear Something Fabulous Every Day For a Week

This was actually a fashion challenge I penned! It’s definitely not a novel idea, but the premise is that if you take a little extra time to plan out everything, you’ll leave the house feeling like a rockstar (and who doesn’t do EVERYTHING better when they feel great?) Click the link and read my guide to executing this challenge.

3. Thirty In Thirty

The rules for this challenge is to choose 30 items from your closet (excluding bras, panties, socks, and jewelry) but including shoes and outerwear. You can only wear these 30 items for an entire month. Take this challenge, and you’ll certainly become an expert at mixing and matching in no time.

4. 6 Items or Less

This challenge requires you to pick only 6 items from your closet and wear them for a whole month, excluding undergarments, outerwear, shoes, accessories, and what you wear to sleep in. This challenge is really tough, but I’m not certain how I feel about it–I mean, why have a closet full of clothes and only wear a few items? For more info, check out this girl’s story here.

5. Dressember

Similar to No Jeans January, this challenge’s premise is to go a full month only wearing dresses or skirts. I don’t think I have enough casual dresses or skirts to pull off this challenge in a college atmosphere, but power to you if you do! It mainly suggests adding layers to turn a dress into a skirt, or adding a skirt to a dress for a completely new look.

6. Wear Everything Challenge

I love the idea of this challenge because it forces you to utilize all of your resources. The idea is to systematically go through your closet until every item is worn. This is a great way to think of new ways to wear pieces that you might not know how to style. Start this challenge in winter months so you’ll have plenty of layering options!

7. The Uniform Project

Pick an item, any item–a pair of shorts, a cardigan, a skirt–and wear it every day for a period of time. This girl wore the same dress every day for a year, and raised money for some cause that I didn’t take the time to read about (oops). For a less extreme version of this, pick a item and take the challenge for a week.

Thoughts? Would any of you be willing to try out this challenge?

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One Response to Fashion Challenges for the Sartorially Fearless

  1. Juliana says:

    Yeah, i would be willing to try it. What the heck. Sounds prettynfun. Oh and i found a really cool fashion site

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