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2011 Academy Awards Fashion Coverage

I’m in Vegas this week on a business trip (no, seriously) but between schmoozing at a trade show and ogling the sexiness of Colin Firth and James Franco, of course I made time to check out what our favorite ladies … Continue reading

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Spring 2011 Fashion Trends

With the insane 70 degree weather we’ve been getting here in Norman, I know that springtime is on everyone’s mind despite it still being February. The sunny skies, birds chirping, and warm breeze make anything besides sitting on the patio … Continue reading

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In Honor of New York Fashion Week: Models Off Duty

I know many of you are fans of Shark Week, but this week trumps all other weeks of the year in my book: New York Fashion Week. Nothing makes me seethe with jealousy more than emaciated amazon women parading down … Continue reading

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Fashion By Body Type: Pear Shaped

Studies have actually shown that men are subconsciously more attracted to women with fuller hips because it’s a sign of fertility. Remember that next time you want to complain about a pair of pants making you look too “hippy.” Actually, … Continue reading

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2011 Grammy Fashion Coverage

I’m not really sure why Eva Longoria was at the Grammy’s, but I really liked her black and white Ashi dress. It’s gotten mixed reviews, but I like how it has a non-traditional silhouette, shows off her legs, and was … Continue reading

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Fashion By Body Type: Curvy

Continuing with the series, this post focuses on curvy bodies–those of you lucky gals with a little junk in the trunk and girls ready to play (hah). Ladies, you don’t have to try hard to look smoking hot–let your best … Continue reading

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Fashion by Body Type: Tall

Continuing this series, I thought the second post should be about the opposite of small…this post focuses on tall girls! Lucky you, there’s not a lot of pieces that are off-limits to you. Like I said before, the key to … Continue reading

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