Fashion by Body Type: Tall

Continuing this series, I thought the second post should be about the opposite of small…this post focuses on tall girls! Lucky you, there’s not a lot of pieces that are off-limits to you. Like I said before, the key to pulling off trends and outfits is confidence, but being tall and lanky certainly never hurts the way a person looks.

So, you might now be able to wear heels without towering over your boyfriend or snag basics from the junior’s section–don’t complain, the rest of us secretly hate you.

Fashion Tips for Tall Girls

  • Like petite girls, remember that being tall is independent of the shape of your body. Heed these tips, but also be aware of your curves (or lack thereof).
  • Even if you’re lanky, be mindful of your love handles–my biggest pet peeve is when girls are completely unaware of that area and try to squeeze into tiny jeans! Muffin tops are never attractive, and the solution is so simple: buy pants that fit and wear Spanx with your dresses!
  • There is not a skirt length that you can’t pull off–A-line, high-waist, pencil, mini, knee length, tiered, and maxi skirts all look wonderful on you.
  • My little sister towers over me and often complains about denim. If you have trouble finding jeans that are long enough for you, check out designer brands. Designer brands always come super long, and they’re worth the splurge since they’ll never fall apart no matter how many times you wash and wear them.
  • Watch out for wearing head-to-toe prints. Since you’re tall, a crazy print can be overwhelming.
  • Feel free to layer all you want on top, but to keep yourself looking balanced, make sure you wear skinny pants if you have lots of layers on top, or a fitted shirt with a baggy pants or flowy skirt.
  • Buy yourself a pair of fancy ballet flats to wear to semi formal events. As long as they look nice, no one will notice or care that you aren’t wearing heels.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out crazy trends. From over the knee boots to bell bottoms to harem pants, there’s nothing off-limits to you.
  • Remember that simple is usually better. Pair one or two trendy pieces with classics, like boot cut denim, plain t-shirts, and plain riding boots.

Fashion Icons for Tall Girls

Whether it’s everyday casual wear or a red carpet affair, Taylor Swift never misses her mark when it comes to style. She keeps it classic most of the time, but isn’t afraid to play with prints and layers of accessories. She’s the perfect fashion muse for any tall girl with timeless style.

Abbey Lee Kershaw is an Australian supermodel with a knack for anti-fashion street style. She piles on as assortment of textures and patterns, and always looks perfectly disheveled. She is the perfect icon for tall girls who love bohemian and slightly grungy taste.

Standing tall at 5’8″, Rihanna’s style is funky and urban. She dressed over-the-top. but not in an impractical way like Lady Gaga. She’s quick to try out trends like liquid leggings, bulky shoulders, and crazy hair cuts. If you like to stand out in a crowd, Rihanna is the muse for you.

Kate Moss is style royalty in my book. She’s always at the cutting edge of trends while simultaneously ignoring what is going on in the fashion world. She’s the unofficial face of androgynous-chic, and pairs all of her outfits with messy hair and imperfect makeup (if any at all). Kate’s style personifies British fashion perfectly, so if you crave a little rock and roll influence in your wardrobe, Kate is your girl.

Katie Holmes might not strike you as an ideal fashion muse, but she’s quick to try out new trends and rocks them in practical ways. Her all-American look is classic and preppy, but still a little daring and fun. She was one of the first celebs to wear things like boyfriend jeans and high-waisted denim and look classy and modest while doing so. Katie is the perfect icon if you’re style is conservative but still on trend.

Audrey Hepburn is THE fashion icon for classic style. She practically founded the little black dress, and taught the world how to wear cigarette pants, trench coats, pearls, turtlenecks, and ballet flats. She is the epitome of simple-chic, and her style influence saturates every generation, decade, and major fashion design house. Whether you’re tall, short, curvy, or thin, you’ll never go wrong with an outfit inspired by Audrey


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