Fashion By Body Type: Curvy

Continuing with the series, this post focuses on curvy bodies–those of you lucky gals with a little junk in the trunk and girls ready to play (hah). Ladies, you don’t have to try hard to look smoking hot–let your best assets do the talking for you. Read on for tips and tricks on how to dress to flatter your figure!

Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls

  • Accent your hourglass shape. Waist belts, high waisted skirts and trousers, and body con dresses will all look amazing on you.
  • Be wary of too many ruffles or ruching around your bust–it might add too much volume.
  • Watch out for low cut tops as well. What might look fine on your waiffish friend might look a little too sexy on you.
  • Show off your collarbones! Collarbones are delicate, feminine, and never inappropriate for any occasion (except an Amish get-together).
  • Low cut jeans and trousers look amazing on you as well. Pants that are fitted through the butt and thighs are the most flattering.
  • Watch out for baggy clothing. They can make you look heavy because of the amount of volume. To stay balanced, try wearing a fitted t-shirt with boyfriend jeans or a blousy top with a pencil skirt.
  • Anything that you can wear that emphasizes your torso is bound to look hot. Think of a bikini on the beach, slightly cropped top with a low cut pair of jeans, or dress that’s fitted on top with a full skirt.
  • Full, voluminous hair look so glamorous with a curvy body.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer. It’ll look great as long as you remember to accent your waist with a belt or a strategically buttoned jacket.
  • Flared and boot cut jeans look best on your figure. Dress them up with a sexy pair of stilettos or go casual with a t-shirt.
  • Balance out skinny jeans by tucking them into a pair of boots or wearing them with a tunic.
  • Any pair of heels will make your butt look heart-shaped and perky!

Fashion Icons for Curvy Girls

Beyonce always rocks trendy outfits that aren’t too over the top. She flaunts her hourglass figure by wearing waist belts, boot leg jeans, flowy blouses, and the highest stilettos. She’s a great fashion muse if your style is a mix between urban and conservative.

Sofia Vergara is as gorgeous as they come, and she has completely embraced her voluptuous figure and is known to unabashedly flaunt it. She’s isn’t often photographed in casual clothes, but if you are dress shopping or have a special occasion coming up, Sofia’s red carpet choices are always spot on.

Christina Hendricks’ curvaceous body rocked both television and red carpets everywhere with her lovely lady lumps. Catch her retro-chic outfits on Mad Men if you need any proof that classic and conservative outfits can still be insanely sexy. Her fearless choices on the red carpet make her one of my favorite stars to watch for.

So, J-Woww might not strike you as someone with timeless style, but you have to give her props for embracing her assets. She’s never afraid to flaunt her girls, and is pretty good about wearing silhouettes that flatter her shape.

To me, Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate fashion icon for curvy girls. She makes business suits look incredibly hip, always looks amazing on the red carpet, and her style has matured with her career. J-Lo is the perfect muse if you have a funky urban style that’s still feminine.

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3 Responses to Fashion By Body Type: Curvy

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  2. Pat Cawood says:

    Kim Kardashian is another perfect example of a fashionista with a curvy bod!

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