In Honor of New York Fashion Week: Models Off Duty

I know many of you are fans of Shark Week, but this week trumps all other weeks of the year in my book: New York Fashion Week. Nothing makes me seethe with jealousy more than emaciated amazon women parading down a platform in ridiculous sculpture-like outfits. The smoke and mirrors, the catty who-got-seated-where, the entitled celebrities that think they can design clothing–call me crazy, but I love it.

Yes, I’m one of those people that loves designers lines and the spectacle of a crazy runway show, but I also get that what is going on in the haute couture world isn’t necessarily applicable to the life of a college girl. However, the great news is fashion week means New York City is teeming with supermodels–and no, not just for the men who happen to be in the Big Apple

Thanks to the swag the receive, exposure to professional stylists, and a first-hand and up close look at the hottest designer lines, models typically have an incredible sense of personal style. Part Euro-trash and part grunge, these ladies have figured out how to combine several different styles for a look with a truly distinctive aesthetic. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite looks from the last week for you to check out…prepare to be inspired!

Hanelli Mustaparta dressed up her basic black hoodie sweater-dress with a structured leather bag and crazy rainbow wedge sandals. Her disheveled hair and clean face makes it look like she literally hopped out of bed and threw on the first thing she saw in her closet. Don’t be afraid to mix random bright colors with your LBD–you’ll end up with a look that’s fresh and unexpected.

Dree Hemingway looks chic in basics that you probably already have sitting in your closet! Start with a pair of black skinnies–up the ante but swapping out a pair of jeans with leather pants of liquid leggings. Top it with a blue men’s dress shirt and a black blazer (a tuxedo jacket would look rad too). Finish with black ballet flats, stacks of bracelets, and a messy bun.

Chanel Iman looks ravishing in a pair of metallic leggings (American Apparel matte lame leggings are my favorite), strappy stilettos, aviators, and fur-lined jacket. Her Hermes bag completes the look, which unfortunately is just a dream for the rest of us. If you love structured bags like ones made by Hermes but don’t have 15,000 dollars lying around, check out lines by Michael Kors or Kenneth Cole.

Karmen Pedaru’s odd combination of denim shorts, ankle boots, and a cropped fur jacket oddly works for her. I’ve been known to combine shorts with boots and a jacket before, but swap out a fur coat for a lighter one for a more weather appropriate look. I love Karmen’s orangey-red lips, pin-straight hair, and Chanel 2.55 bag as well. These purses run for about $2,500, so for a less expensive option check out Marc Jacobs’ handbag lines.

Chanel Iman is one of my favorite supermodels because her casual outfits are always spot-on. She wears crazy sequined leggings, but you could easily tame those down with a plain pair. A white tunic and black leather motorcycle jacket keep the palette neutral but not the slightest bit boring. Chanel finished her look with a black leather bag, huge black sunnies, and lace up ankle boots.

Toni Garrn looks ravishing in a floral skirt and loose men’s long sleeved t-shirt, topped with a shearling jacket, infinity scarf, and ankle-length cowboy boots. Layering is a great way to make sun dresses work in winter months. With a sweater, you can turn a dress into a skirt, or even try swapping out a pair of jeans instead of leggings or tights for a grunge-chic look.

I’ve been loving the distressed sweater that have been popping up on runways and streets the last few seasons. Veronika Antsipava pairs a charcoal shredded sweater with black leggings, black ankle boots, a black motorcycle jacket, and a beanie. Leather moto jackets, ankle boots, and black skinnies have proved to be a staple of models off duty everywhere. The great thing about these items is that go with almost everything in your closet.

Dree Hemingway looks amazing in black skinny pants, a nautical striped tunic, and a blazer with crazy Gaga-esque structured shoulders. Dree’s crimson heels and Space Odyssey glasses make this outfit almost costume-esque–like a a Parisian Barbarella! Her messy pinkish hair gives the look a touch of rock and roll.

Liu Wen outfit is grungy and rock and roll–I might be obsessed. Leopard leggings are impossible to find (not to mention probably difficult to pull off), so to adapt this into something wearable, try a more simple pair of patterned leggings. It’s interesting how she pairs them with Dr Martens–I loved my combat boots in elementary school and I love the pair I own now! Her top half is kept pretty simple with a loose t-shirt and blazer. Add drama like Liu with a deep side part, winged eye liner, and plum colored cheeks.

Dorothea Barth Jorgenson mixes textures with a full fur coat and suede pencil skirt. Her blown-out hair and the richness of her jacket makes her look like a socialite heiress who eats caviar and shops at Bendel’s every day. Playing with texture is an easy way to add a taste of edginess to an everyday outfit. Not to mention, it might make other people want to pet you (in a completely non-creepy way of course).

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