2011 Academy Awards Fashion Coverage

I’m in Vegas this week on a business trip (no, seriously) but between schmoozing at a trade show and ogling the sexiness of Colin Firth and James Franco, of course I made time to check out what our favorite ladies wore to the biggest event of the year. Ch-ch-check it out.

Gwyneth Paltrow believes she can sing now. I’m not sure why every award show allows her to share her ummm “gift” (I guess the song she sang tonight was nominated, so the Academy Awards is excused) but Goopy, stop trying to make your country singing career happen. It’s NOT going to happen! Anyways, she wore Calvin Klein to the Oscars, and it followed her typical rectangular silhouette she loves. I love the color and cut, but I hate that weird brooch at her hip–what is its purpose?

Reese Witherspoon in Armani Prive is as cute as can be, but I think it made her look almost TOO young. She has a youthful face, which is certainly a blessing, but the high ponytail and deer-in-headlights expression make her look like a teenager.

Jennifer Hudson’s dress in incredible, but her weird hair, awkward cleavage, and freakishly skinny body is not appealing in the slightest. PUT ON SOME POUNDS J-Hud, we know you’re the new face of Jenny Craig, but seriously, you looked better when you weren’t emaciated.

Considering she just had a baby a month ago, Penelope Cruz looks pretty damn wonderful in L’Wren Scott. I love the color and beading, but I can’t help but thing how much better it would look if her boobs were their normal size.

Nicole Kidman’s Christian Dior dress, although I applaud her bravery, didn’t do it for me. I love structured origami dresses, but it was too much with the designs on it as well. It would have looked so much better in solid white, with her hair done in soft curls, and if she ix-nayed the necklace.

I LOVED Sandra Bullock’s Vera Wang dress. It’s similar in color and style to Jennifer Hudson and Anne Hathaway’s dress, but Sandy’s is definitely the most simple of the three. Her simple hair and makeup perfectly complimented the showy dress.

Natalie Portman was perhaps my favorite look of the night in her Rodarte dress. The draping made her pregnant belly look intentional but didn’t steal the show, her gorgeous collarbones were flaunted with the off-the-shoulder sleeves, and her hair looked divine. Natalie was positively glowing and looked perfect when she accepted her award for best actress.

WTF ScarJo. Your dress looks like one that Jane Fonda would wear (and she’s like 90) and your hair looks like Sean Penn’s in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I know divorcing the sexiest man alive must have taken it’s toll, but how the hell do you expect to reel in another insanely attractive man to make Ryan  Reynolds jealous with if you look like that? Sandra Bullock burst into giggles the moment you were out of earshot. Though her face is gorgeous and hair would have looked good paired with a casual outfit, it was all wrong for the Academy Awards.

I see the fashion and art in Cate Blanchett’s dress, but I can’t help but think her Givenchy Haute Couture dress looked like a bedazzled Christmas tree skirt instead of a high end designer dress. I don’t like the weird yellow at the neck, and I don’t like the boxy shoulders.

Anne Hathaway’s vintage Valentino dress is absolutely stunning. Following the trend of voluptuous red/orange dresses this year on the Academy carpet, Anne was right on trend and the center of attention. I loved her center-parted loose bun and old Hollywood-influenced makeup as well.

Another red carpet fail from Michelle Williams in Chanel Haute Couture. The sleeves look awful, as does the neckline, and she could have really benefited from some color on her lips or cheeks.

WOW, Mila Kunis looks incredible in a lavender-colored Elie Saab Haute Couture gown. I love the delicate material, the peeks of skin, the perfect amount of cleavage, and the sultry makeup. I’m glad she left her neck bare, but wore a bit of bling on her ears and wrists. Well done Mila.

Hailee Steinfeld looked like Cinderella in her pink Marchesa ball gown. She looked glamourous, age appropriate, and soooo confident in the dress that she supposedly helped design. I love her headband and updo too! The only thing I wasn’t digging were her shoes–a pair of strappy silver stilettos would have pulled the look together much more elegantly.
Melissa Leo (congrats on the Best Supporting Actress win) looked like a giant doily tablecloth in Marc Bouwer. I love the cut and her hair, but she would have looked so much better if this gown was solid white (without the cutouts).

Helena Bonham Carter will always do what she wants on the red carpet and not give a hoot about what the fashion police has to say the next day about it. She’s always one of my favorite people to watch because of her dramatic, almost Victorian sense of style. I love the fan purse and her simple makeup.

Dame Helen Mirren looks exquisite and age appropriate in her charcoal colored gown. I love the sleeves, shoulder accents, and tiny train. Her pendant necklace and sparkling earrings round out the look quite nicely.

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2 Responses to 2011 Academy Awards Fashion Coverage

  1. The one thing I don’t love about Natalie’s dress, and it’s a minor thing, is that it doesn’t cover her feet! It’s not quite one of those mullet dresses, like the one Carey Mulligan wore last year, but it’s too close to it for my taste. She looked stunning though.

  2. whatsaysyou says:

    Helena and Helen Mirren just left me in awe 🙂

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