5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Any Outfit

Let’s be real–as much as I love putting new outfits together, most days I end up rolling out of bed and putting on whatever I see first on the floor. You don’t have to succumb to a sloppy day outfit just because you didn’t put much thought into what you are wearing. I’ve listed 5 pieces that every girl should own because they truly are miracle workers. By adding these to any drab outfit, you’ll up the style factor and look anything but boring.

Want to make your boring outfit awesome? Read on!

1. A Fedora Hat

A fedora is an easy way to infuse your outfit with a little celebrity style. Traditionalist have said not to wear a hat and sunglasses together unless you’re a celebrity or you’re pissed off, but I’ve never been one to follow the rules. Nothing evokes a little mystery like strolling down the south oval in slight disguise.

2. A Statement Necklace

A complex necklace is an easy way to add depth to your outfit. Pair it with a plain shirt, or shirt and jacket combination. The only time I’d stay away from an attention-grabbing necklace is if your top has a super busy pattern or a lot of layers. They come at every price point, so pick up a few next time you’re at Forever 21 (or XXI as I like to call it).

3. A Pashmina Scarf

Lightweight scarves are perfect for Oklahoma’s crazy springtime weather. It’ll look cute and won’t get too stuffy if it’s warm on the way to class, and perfect to wrap around your shoulders if the weather changes on a dime (like it always does out here). Look for muted colors as they will work in both warm and cold seasons. Don’t be afraid to layer on a couple for extra interest.

4. A Denim Vest

This piece might seem weird or dated, but denim vest have been hot the last few seasons and will look awesome with any sundress or t-shirt you own. Your outfit will look bold and fashion-forward with minimal effort. Look for slightly cropped styles that hit right around your belly button. Longer styles will look like a bad 90’s hand-me-down, and a vest that is too cropped will look juvenile.

5. Combat Boots

A pair of lace-up boots will make a pair of skinny jeans, shorts, dress or skirt look daring and fun. They’re an easy way to make a statement without blistering your feet in a pair of heels. My favorite combat boots are Dr. Martens of course, but there are tons of cheaper pairs out there as well. For more on how to rock these babies, check out this post!

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4 Responses to 5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Any Outfit

  1. Um, I love Kim K.’s scarf!! I’ve been looking for a gray leopard print scarf for awhile now. Actually, I did buy one, but for a friend’s Christmas gift.

  2. TomoCholley says:

    I congratulate, you were visited with a remarkable idea

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  4. shimmerafterglow says:

    I love this entry! great ideas! 🙂 my favorite would be the necklace and the combat boots 🙂

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