WTF Outfits of the Week

We’re generally a pretty positive place here at OU Daily Fashion…but sometimes, a little light-hearted teasing is necessary, especially with the great weather we’ve received coinciding with everyone’s 20 page papers and tests. I’ve rounded up the worst looks from the last few weeks. Read on (if you dare).

Got this picture from Perez Hilton. Seriously though, why would anyone think that high-waist capris that stop at the knee is EVER a good idea? Especially someone as bootylicious as Kim K? Adding (or subtracting) from this hot mess are the odd grid like shoes–just because Christian Louboutin designed them doesn’t make them a good idea. Kim completed her outfit with a see through blouse circa 1998. Come on Kim, you’re normally at the top of my list! What happened here?

Once the queen of So-Cal cool, Mischa Barton has come a long way since her days starring on the OC. And by come a long way, I mean snorted a lot of coke. Though the white powder typically makes people freakishly skinny (as Kate Moss showed us all), it seems to have the opposite effect on Mischa. Homegirl is now a pasty-white doughy mess. If this doesn’t convince you to stay away from drugs, I’m not sure what will.

Keri, Keri, Keri Hilson. Separetely, the leopard jacket, boots, bandeau top, belt, and hair are all nice. I could even think of a few ways to make those mineral washed jeans work! But all together, yikes! You look like a Courtney Love if she was hired as a ringleader in the circus.

Ohh Minajasty. You can’t argue that she’s freaking gorgeous–I love her signature pink lips and blond hair. More than that, I like that she’s interesting. She KNOWS she looks ridiculous. Sometimes celebs shoot for the “worst dressed” category–I mean, what could be better than free publicity? That being said, the broccoli hair has got to go.

Aubrey O’Day. Poor girl can’t catch a break. Loving the hair, and the center part, but the outfit reminds me of playing dress up with my old dance recital costumes as a child.

I certainly hope this muu-muu is actually a swimsuit cover up. This photo reminds me of a picture I saw as a child of Princess Diana, whose thin skirt let too much sunlight pass though and allowed a sneaky paparazzo to snap a picture of her always-covered legs.

Truth: I normally find Ke$ha’s so-called “garbage can” fashion somewhat appealing. Okay, appealing is too strong of a word. Amusing maybe. Interesting for sure. Her crazy messy hair, ripped stockings, and 3-day old makeup gave her a rock and roll aesthetic that looked more “I don’t give a damn” than “I’m strung out on drugs.” This look however channels the latter. The blue lips, undies showing, and ridic sunglasses are way too much. Back off about 2 notches Ke$ha.

Taylor Momsen takes the cake for the most hideous outfit of the week. Lets start with the stripper shoes: my question is why? They’re not comfortable, flattering, nor designed by anyone important. Next, we’ll move on to those elastic things clipped from her panties to her stockings. This seems to her signature accessory, as are her 2 foot long weave and raccoon eyes. What really gets me though is her angry disposition. Why does she always look like her parents just grounded her? Maybe they should–I’d be shipped off to boarding school in Switzerland if I was 17 and dressed like a whore, talked about vibrators, or shot naked videos. Literally, I cannot think of one redeeming quality of Taylor Momsen.

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