This Week’s WTF Fashion Moment

What’s wrong with this picture? A) It had Tara Reid in it, B) she looks high as a kite and is stumbling around, C) she’s wearing Uggs in 80 degree weather, D) all of the above.

At Coachella this weekend, some unlucky paparazzi who couldn’t get a clear shot of any real celebrities decided to take a picture of poor washed-up party girl past her prime, Tara Reid. If this isn’t a walking PSA of how alcohol can ruin your life, I don’t know what is. Homegirl hasn’t been in a decent movie since American Pie (oh wait, that was her first movie too wasn’t it?) and has been put through the ringer for embarrassments such as a botched boob job and  being engaged to Carson Daly.

Now, everyone’s favorite raspy-voiced waif it up to her antics again at Coachella, a California-based music festival guaranteed to pollute your lungs with the green and leave you smelling like Jimi Hendrix after a bender. Hipsters soaked in patchouli travel far and wide for this festival, and it usually bring in A-list attendees.

I would give her the benefit of the doubt–after all, Tara looks no different in this picture than any picture taken of her since 1999. The kicker isn’t the vodka club in her hand or half closed eyes; it’s definitely the lambskin boots she’s wearing. Why, WHY would you every wear Sherpa boots in California in the middle of spring?

All incite, eye witness accounts, or commentary is greatly appreciated (and encouraged).

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5 Responses to This Week’s WTF Fashion Moment

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  2. dandiii says:

    i luv this wesite ❤ xxx

  3. Elizabeth says:

    my question is can anyone identify the shoes the girl in the background is wearing? they are ADORABLE.

  4. whatsaysyou says:

    By the look of Tara’s picture, I think she shouldn’t have paired the uggs with that black dress. Ugg boots should be reserved for winters and winter wear.

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