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This Week’s WTF Fashion Moment

What’s wrong with this picture? A) It had Tara Reid in it, B) she looks high as a kite and is stumbling around, C) she’s wearing Uggs in 80 degree weather, D) all of the above. At Coachella this weekend, … Continue reading

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John Galliano: the Newest Initiate into Club SOB

…But in all seriousness, who can trust a man with mermaid hair and a skinny moustache? In a long line of eccentric male designers (Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Uncle Karl) John Galliano made them all look tame. While they dress … Continue reading

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2011 Academy Awards Fashion Coverage

I’m in Vegas this week on a business trip (no, seriously) but between schmoozing at a trade show and ogling the sexiness of Colin Firth and James Franco, of course I made time to check out what our favorite ladies … Continue reading

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