2011 Academy Awards Fashion Coverage

I’m in Vegas this week on a business trip (no, seriously) but between schmoozing at a trade show and ogling the sexiness of Colin Firth and James Franco, of course I made time to check out what our favorite ladies wore to the biggest event of the year. Ch-ch-check it out.

Gwyneth Paltrow believes she can sing now. I’m not sure why every award show allows her to share her ummm “gift” (I guess the song she sang tonight was nominated, so the Academy Awards is excused) but Goopy, stop trying to make your country singing career happen. It’s NOT going to happen! Anyways, she wore Calvin Klein to the Oscars, and it followed her typical rectangular silhouette she loves. I love the color and cut, but I hate that weird brooch at her hip–what is its purpose?

Reese Witherspoon in Armani Prive is as cute as can be, but I think it made her look almost TOO young. She has a youthful face, which is certainly a blessing, but the high ponytail and deer-in-headlights expression make her look like a teenager.

Jennifer Hudson’s dress in incredible, but her weird hair, awkward cleavage, and freakishly skinny body is not appealing in the slightest. PUT ON SOME POUNDS J-Hud, we know you’re the new face of Jenny Craig, but seriously, you looked better when you weren’t emaciated.

Considering she just had a baby a month ago, Penelope Cruz looks pretty damn wonderful in L’Wren Scott. I love the color and beading, but I can’t help but thing how much better it would look if her boobs were their normal size.

Nicole Kidman’s Christian Dior dress, although I applaud her bravery, didn’t do it for me. I love structured origami dresses, but it was too much with the designs on it as well. It would have looked so much better in solid white, with her hair done in soft curls, and if she ix-nayed the necklace.

I LOVED Sandra Bullock’s Vera Wang dress. It’s similar in color and style to Jennifer Hudson and Anne Hathaway’s dress, but Sandy’s is definitely the most simple of the three. Her simple hair and makeup perfectly complimented the showy dress.

Natalie Portman was perhaps my favorite look of the night in her Rodarte dress. The draping made her pregnant belly look intentional but didn’t steal the show, her gorgeous collarbones were flaunted with the off-the-shoulder sleeves, and her hair looked divine. Natalie was positively glowing and looked perfect when she accepted her award for best actress.

WTF ScarJo. Your dress looks like one that Jane Fonda would wear (and she’s like 90) and your hair looks like Sean Penn’s in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I know divorcing the sexiest man alive must have taken it’s toll, but how the hell do you expect to reel in another insanely attractive man to make Ryan¬† Reynolds jealous with if you look like that? Sandra Bullock burst into giggles the moment you were out of earshot. Though her face is gorgeous and hair would have looked good paired with a casual outfit, it was all wrong for the Academy Awards.

I see the fashion and art in Cate Blanchett’s dress, but I can’t help but think her Givenchy Haute Couture dress looked like a bedazzled Christmas tree skirt instead of a high end designer dress. I don’t like the weird yellow at the neck, and I don’t like the boxy shoulders.

Anne Hathaway’s vintage Valentino dress is absolutely stunning. Following the trend of voluptuous red/orange dresses this year on the Academy carpet, Anne was right on trend and the center of attention. I loved her center-parted loose bun and old Hollywood-influenced makeup as well.

Another red carpet fail from Michelle Williams in Chanel Haute Couture. The sleeves look awful, as does the neckline, and she could have really benefited from some color on her lips or cheeks.

WOW, Mila Kunis looks incredible in a lavender-colored Elie Saab Haute Couture gown. I love the delicate material, the peeks of skin, the perfect amount of cleavage, and the sultry makeup. I’m glad she left her neck bare, but wore a bit of bling on her ears and wrists. Well done Mila.

Hailee Steinfeld looked like Cinderella in her pink Marchesa ball gown. She looked glamourous, age appropriate, and soooo confident in the dress that she supposedly helped design. I love her headband and updo too! The only thing I wasn’t digging were her shoes–a pair of strappy silver stilettos would have pulled the look together much more elegantly.
Melissa Leo (congrats on the Best Supporting Actress win) looked like a giant doily tablecloth in Marc Bouwer. I love the cut and her hair, but she would have looked so much better if this gown was solid white (without the cutouts).

Helena Bonham Carter will always do what she wants on the red carpet and not give a hoot about what the fashion police has to say the next day about it. She’s always one of my favorite people to watch because of her dramatic, almost Victorian sense of style. I love the fan purse and her simple makeup.

Dame Helen Mirren looks exquisite and age appropriate in her charcoal colored gown. I love the sleeves, shoulder accents, and tiny train. Her pendant necklace and sparkling earrings round out the look quite nicely.

My days here at the OU Daily are numbered, so check out my new blog at tulsa20something to continue hearing my little nuggets of wisdom not only now but after doomsday May 14th (graduation) as well!

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Spring 2011 Fashion Trends

With the insane 70 degree weather we’ve been getting here in Norman, I know that springtime is on everyone’s mind despite it still being February. The sunny skies, birds chirping, and warm breeze make anything besides sitting on the patio of the Library (and I’m not talking about Bizzell) seem like a daunting task.

With changing weather comes a change in trends, which can sometimes be tricky to navigate. Thoughts such as “should I throw away my skinny jeans?” “is floral print still cool?” and “dear God, when will overalls make their triumphant comeback?” may or may not have crosses your mind. This is where I step in: here’s a breakdown of predicted trends for the spring, my thoughts on them, and a few tips and tricks for pulling them off.

The overall theme for this season is a 70’s revival. Floppy hats, crocheted vests, bell bottoms, and platform sandals will all be huge, along with fringy bangs, feathered hair, and natural-looking makeup. For some real-life inspiration, check out photos of Susan Dey, Farrah Fawcett, Cher, and the girls on Three’s Company for some faboosh looks.

Fashion for the spring and summer is also influenced by 90’s grunge. Flannel shirts never go out of style, but don’t be afraid to pair you favorite one with cargo pants, combat boots, or ripped jeans. Although this comeback was started a few years ago, expect it to hit middle America with full force this year.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Maxi dresses are hot again this season and the fashion industry is taking another stab and making maxi skirts mainstream. I love these because they’re so relaxed and comfortable, but they still look like you put some effort into what you’re wearing. Pair a printed dress or skirt with a denim jacket for a Nicole Richie-esque look, with sunnies and a huge hat for a bohemian vibe, and always a mane of messy hair.


Sweaters, ponchos, vests, bikinis, shawl, you name it–crocheted fabrics will be everywhere. They add a nice bohemian flair to any outfit. The easiest way to work this trend with a loosely crocheted sweater. They’re warmth is perfect for fickle springtime days. Pull one over a colorful tank top, leather belt, your favorite skinny jeans, and a pair of riding boots.


Fringe, denim, crocheted, and suede vests are all sure to flood hallways and streets alike this season. Consistent with both 90’s and 70’s trends, you can take a vest and style it to channel either a hippie-chic or grungy vibe. Wear it with a patterned dress if you’re daring, or a white t-shirts and pair of jeans for a more tame look.

Wide Leg Pants and Bell Bottoms

A staple of any girl living in the 70’s was a chic pair of bell bottoms. These jeans flare more at the calf and foot than boot cut jeans do, and make your butt look tiny. Wide leg jeans are hot this season too, and are so refreshing after seeing all and only skinny jeans for the last 3 years. These pants look great with any kind of shoes, from platforms to stilettos and sandals to flats.

Tail Hems

Dresses that are longer in the back than the front have been hot on the red carpet for awhile, but this season they’re hitting the streets in casual dresses. Last week while designing my friend’s gown to an elegant event we have here on campus called Foga, I pinned and tacked her dress to perfection with the chicest tail hem you can imagine. She insisted I hack it off, but the style makes your legs look tiny and adds an unexpected edge to an everyday outfit.

Belt Purse

So, a “belt purse” really is just a synonym for “fanny pack,” but nonetheless I couldn’t be more excited that these are going to be considered cool again! I hate going out with big purses–my hands need to be free! This way you can keep your essentials (wallet, phone, keys, camera, Chapstick) nearby but with minimal baggage. Don’t bother digging up the ugly North Face fanny pack from 8th grade–high end designers (and Forever 21) offer a chic variety to choose from.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Thank god those god-awful buggie eyed sunglasses have been banished from runways. Cat eye sunglasses come in every color and at every price point, and give even the most basic pair of jeans and a t-shirt a retro vibe. They come in subtle and extreme spaceman versions, so pick up a few cheap pairs from a kiosk at the mall to suit your mood for the day.


The perfect companion to a pair of bell bottoms is a pair of high heeled clogs. Don’t bother with your clunky Birkenstock pair from middle school (oddly, these shoes, flared jeans, and my North Face fanny pack was my uniform back when I was 14–crazy how these things are all cool again). Find a pair with a thick heel, but not a wedge. They look rad with short and long skirts as well!

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Throwing back to the 70’s, a jumpsuit can be insanely sexy–if you’re 5’8 and skinny. A romper is the jumpsuit’s first cousin, and is much easier to pull those of us not built for the runway. Wear a romper with heels if you’re short, and belted if you have some curves. They’re fun, and sexy in a laid-back sort of way.

Cropped Tops

This trend piggy backs on 90’s style, but keep it modern by pairing it with high waisted pants or a pencil skirt. It you have the abs and the confidence to show some skin, flaunt the sexy sliver right under your ribcage. Showing you’re belly button looks really juvenile and trashy. Try layering a tank top underneath for extra coverage.

Now I want to know what you think…are you going to try out any of these trends? Which ones do you think are flattering, and which ones do you think are ridiculous? Let me know by leaving a comment!


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In Honor of New York Fashion Week: Models Off Duty

I know many of you are fans of Shark Week, but this week trumps all other weeks of the year in my book: New York Fashion Week. Nothing makes me seethe with jealousy more than emaciated amazon women parading down a platform in ridiculous sculpture-like outfits. The smoke and mirrors, the catty who-got-seated-where, the entitled celebrities that think they can design clothing–call me crazy, but I love it.

Yes, I’m one of those people that loves designers lines and the spectacle of a crazy runway show, but I also get that what is going on in the haute couture world isn’t necessarily applicable to the life of a college girl. However, the great news is fashion week means New York City is teeming with supermodels–and no, not just for the men who happen to be in the Big Apple

Thanks to the swag the receive, exposure to professional stylists, and a first-hand and up close look at the hottest designer lines, models typically have an incredible sense of personal style. Part Euro-trash and part grunge, these ladies have figured out how to combine several different styles for a look with a truly distinctive aesthetic. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite looks from the last week for you to check out…prepare to be inspired!

Hanelli Mustaparta dressed up her basic black hoodie sweater-dress with a structured leather bag and crazy rainbow wedge sandals. Her disheveled hair and clean face makes it look like she literally hopped out of bed and threw on the first thing she saw in her closet. Don’t be afraid to mix random bright colors with your LBD–you’ll end up with a look that’s fresh and unexpected.

Dree Hemingway looks chic in basics that you probably already have sitting in your closet! Start with a pair of black skinnies–up the ante but swapping out a pair of jeans with leather pants of liquid leggings. Top it with a blue men’s dress shirt and a black blazer (a tuxedo jacket would look rad too). Finish with black ballet flats, stacks of bracelets, and a messy bun.

Chanel Iman looks ravishing in a pair of metallic leggings (American Apparel matte lame leggings are my favorite), strappy stilettos, aviators, and fur-lined jacket. Her Hermes bag completes the look, which unfortunately is just a dream for the rest of us. If you love structured bags like ones made by Hermes but don’t have 15,000 dollars lying around, check out lines by Michael Kors or Kenneth Cole.

Karmen Pedaru’s odd combination of denim shorts, ankle boots, and a cropped fur jacket oddly works for her. I’ve been known to combine shorts with boots and a jacket before, but swap out a fur coat for a lighter one for a more weather appropriate look. I love Karmen’s orangey-red lips, pin-straight hair, and Chanel 2.55 bag as well. These purses run for about $2,500, so for a less expensive option check out Marc Jacobs’ handbag lines.

Chanel Iman is one of my favorite supermodels because her casual outfits are always spot-on. She wears crazy sequined leggings, but you could easily tame those down with a plain pair. A white tunic and black leather motorcycle jacket keep the palette neutral but not the slightest bit boring. Chanel finished her look with a black leather bag, huge black sunnies, and lace up ankle boots.

Toni Garrn looks ravishing in a floral skirt and loose men’s long sleeved t-shirt, topped with a shearling jacket, infinity scarf, and ankle-length cowboy boots. Layering is a great way to make sun dresses work in winter months. With a sweater, you can turn a dress into a skirt, or even try swapping out a pair of jeans instead of leggings or tights for a grunge-chic look.

I’ve been loving the distressed sweater that have been popping up on runways and streets the last few seasons. Veronika Antsipava pairs a charcoal shredded sweater with black leggings, black ankle boots, a black motorcycle jacket, and a beanie. Leather moto jackets, ankle boots, and black skinnies have proved to be a staple of models off duty everywhere. The great thing about these items is that go with almost everything in your closet.

Dree Hemingway looks amazing in black skinny pants, a nautical striped tunic, and a blazer with crazy Gaga-esque structured shoulders. Dree’s crimson heels and Space Odyssey glasses make this outfit almost costume-esque–like a a Parisian Barbarella! Her messy pinkish hair gives the look a touch of rock and roll.

Liu Wen outfit is grungy and rock and roll–I might be obsessed. Leopard leggings are impossible to find (not to mention probably difficult to pull off), so to adapt this into something wearable, try a more simple pair of patterned leggings. It’s interesting how she pairs them with Dr Martens–I loved my combat boots in elementary school and I love the pair I own now! Her top half is kept pretty simple with a loose t-shirt and blazer. Add drama like Liu with a deep side part, winged eye liner, and plum colored cheeks.

Dorothea Barth Jorgenson mixes textures with a full fur coat and suede pencil skirt. Her blown-out hair and the richness of her jacket makes her look like a socialite heiress who eats caviar and shops at Bendel’s every day. Playing with texture is an easy way to add a taste of edginess to an everyday outfit. Not to mention, it might make other people want to pet you (in a completely non-creepy way of course).

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Fashion By Body Type: Pear Shaped

Studies have actually shown that men are subconsciously more attracted to women with fuller hips because it’s a sign of fertility. Remember that next time you want to complain about a pair of pants making you look too “hippy.” Actually, after reading this, there will no longer be a reason to gripe about your body. Pear shaped bodies are womanly and easy to flatter. Stumped on how? Read on.

Fashion Tips for Pear-Shaped Girls

  • Wide-leg and flared jeans are your best friends. The volume around your knees and ankles will make your legs look balanced.
  • Skinny jeans, although really popular, just don’t look great on you in their purest form. Wear them with a pair of boots or a tunic for the most flattering look.
  • Emphasize your bust with a ruffled top, sweetheart neckline, push up bra, or statement necklace.
  • Balance out your body by wearing jackets with structured shoulders.
  • Cropped jackets can work well too, especially when paired with a longer tunic top and a pair of jeans.
  • For business dress, trousers are probably a safer bet than a tight pencil skirt. If you want to wear a skirt, look for A-line cuts and purchase a blazer that stops around the tops of your thighs.
  • A-line, empire waist, sheath, and maxi dresses are the most flattering on you. Bubble dresses and anything too short can make you look bottom-heavy. They should be about knee-length. Pair a dress with delicate heels for the most feminine look.
  • Avoid chunky, shapeless boots like the plague. Uggs are NOT your friends.
  • High-waisted pants are not your friends either. Look for pants with a medium rise and wear them with heels to slim up your legs.
  • For a bit of sexy, wear a cropped top and show a sliver of stomach. It’s an easy way to make an outfit perfect for a night on the town (remember less is more!)

Fashion Icons for Pear Shaped Girls

If your style is preppy and classic, Michelle Obama is the perfect fashion icon for you. She mixes affordable lines like J. Crew and the Gap with runway haute couture, and always looks regal while doing so. The way she dresses is always appropriate, conservative, and flattering.

jAllegedly the girl who inspired John Mayer’s “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” Jennifer Love Hewitt is a great example of how petite pear shaped girls should dress (well, minus those swimsuit photos). She wears dresses often, and they always have full skirts and hit around her knees. She has really simple style that’s easy to emulate in everyday life.

Pre-crazy Britney Spears knew how to make her pear shaped body look smokin’ hot. Ignore her Uggs-and-babydoll-dress stage and instead look to her red carpet looks and costumes if you want a little festive inspiration.

Kate Winslet always looks sophisticated, classy, and dressed to emphasize her best assets. Her red carpet dresses are always spot on, and her every day casual looks are easy to imitate as well.

Anne Hathaway, especially in the Devil Wears Prada has a wardrobe to die for. I highly recommend checking out this movie if you haven’t seen it yet. In the film, she depends on structured dresses, blazers, and sexy boots as the building blocks of each of her outfits. She’s the perfect fashion muse if your style is glamorous and trendy.

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2011 Grammy Fashion Coverage

I’m not really sure why Eva Longoria was at the Grammy’s, but I really liked her black and white Ashi dress. It’s gotten mixed reviews, but I like how it has a non-traditional silhouette, shows off her legs, and was fun and funky which is perfect for the Grammy’s. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was her hair.

The Biebs rocked a velvet white Dolce and Gabanna tuxedo and looked freaking adorble. He might have been robbed of the Best New Artist honors, but at least he looked awesome. I only wish he wore different shoes–since the tux is a little off-white, his pristine sneakers look weird.

Lea Michelle took a break from her usual Oscar de la Renta for an Emilio Pucci gown. I just wasn’t feeling it–she doesn’t look bad of course, but I just wasn’t crazy about the dress’s shoulder accents, belt, or her hair. I do however like the sexy leg slit.

Don’t get me wrong, Jennifer Lopez looks awesome in her disco Pucci gown…but something about this look reminds me of the scene in Sex and the City 2 when Samantha shows up on the red carpet in the same dress as Miley Cyrus. J-Lo has always loved really glamorous gowns, but I think this dress would have looked better on someone younger like Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgins. Love her hair though!

Katy Perry was an angel in an Armani gown and feathered wings! I love how she took a break from her usual vintage pin up girl style and went for something crazy but still beautiful. Armani dressed her grandma and husband Russell Brand as well.

Although Rihanna’s Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture gown was a bit um, revealing, I applaud Rihanna for wearing something crazy and attention getting without being obnoxious. It’s one thing to intentionally dress for the “worst dressed” list or wear something insane, but I think it’s really desperate and annoying when celebrities pull outrageous red carpet stunts (ehm Lady Gaga) when the focus of the night should be on the industry as a whole. Rihanna struck the right balance between bizarre and meaning business.

Miley Cyrus is Roberto Cavalli was one of my favorite looks of the night. I love the metallic color of her dress, the cut, the subtle patterns, and her stacks of jewelry. Her hair and makeup look awesome too. She looked her age, beautiful, and a bit rock and roll.

Selena Gomez stunned in a gold lame J Mendel dress. Her center-parted curls, the silhouette, the simple jewelry and clutch–Selenita looked absolutely flawless. She was age appropriate while still sophisticated.

Jennifer Hudson is gorgeous, especially with her new body, but I wasn’t feeling her Versace dress. The bodice reminded me of a corset worn with suspenders, and I’ve never been a fan of dresses that are shorter in the front. I love the center part of her hair though (70’s fashion e-emerging) and her makeup looks incredible too.

Hayley Williams, WTF?! I love Hayley because she does what she wants, but this outfit was all wrong. Her bangs are terrible, and the red clashed with the pink on her skirt. Jeremy Scott might have designed this dress, but it looks straight out of a dance recital catalog.

Florence Welch was one of my favorite looks of the night. Her swan gown by Givenchy Haute Couture was vintage-looking and quirky, but still delicate and romantic. I’m certain she’s bound to make several Best Dressed lists.

Nicki Minaj looks crazy as usual in Givenchy, but I love her signature pink lips and electric eye makeup. She didn’t need the crazy Bride of Frankenstein hair to make a statement, but I’d say she out-Gaga’d Lady Gaga which probably left her seething with jealousy in that stupid egg of hers. Which bring me to…

Lady Gaga showed up “incubating” in an egg, carried in by an obnoxiously large entourage. You know that every celebrity on the carpet was rolling their eyes when she arrived. It was pretty self serving and egocentric in my opinion, and her grand exit out of the egg wasn’t even anything special. She certainly gets an A for Absolutely Obnoxious in my opinion.

Cee Lo Green’s crazy feathered peacock outfit was my favorite costume of the night! His performance sounded great and he kept it exciting with Muppet characters as his back up singers/dancers. His sunglasses and bright colors reminded me of vintage Elton John (especially with him playing piano) and I loved his crazy skull cap and chest plate.

One of my favorite parts of the entire night was Usher and Justin Bieber’s performance together, especially they’re dance break! I liked their costumes, they reminded me a little bit of space man outfits! I love the boots, motorcycle-esque jackets, and Bieb’s sunglasses.

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Fashion By Body Type: Curvy

Continuing with the series, this post focuses on curvy bodies–those of you lucky gals with a little junk in the trunk and girls ready to play (hah). Ladies, you don’t have to try hard to look smoking hot–let your best assets do the talking for you. Read on for tips and tricks on how to dress to flatter your figure!

Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls

  • Accent your hourglass shape. Waist belts, high waisted skirts and trousers, and body con dresses will all look amazing on you.
  • Be wary of too many ruffles or ruching around your bust–it might add too much volume.
  • Watch out for low cut tops as well. What might look fine on your waiffish friend might look a little too sexy on you.
  • Show off your collarbones! Collarbones are delicate, feminine, and never inappropriate for any occasion (except an Amish get-together).
  • Low cut jeans and trousers look amazing on you as well. Pants that are fitted through the butt and thighs are the most flattering.
  • Watch out for baggy clothing. They can make you look heavy because of the amount of volume. To stay balanced, try wearing a fitted t-shirt with boyfriend jeans or a blousy top with a pencil skirt.
  • Anything that you can wear that emphasizes your torso is bound to look hot. Think of a bikini on the beach, slightly cropped top with a low cut pair of jeans, or dress that’s fitted on top with a full skirt.
  • Full, voluminous hair look so glamorous with a curvy body.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer. It’ll look great as long as you remember to accent your waist with a belt or a strategically buttoned jacket.
  • Flared and boot cut jeans look best on your figure. Dress them up with a sexy pair of stilettos or go casual with a t-shirt.
  • Balance out skinny jeans by tucking them into a pair of boots or wearing them with a tunic.
  • Any pair of heels will make your butt look heart-shaped and perky!

Fashion Icons for Curvy Girls

Beyonce always rocks trendy outfits that aren’t too over the top. She flaunts her hourglass figure by wearing waist belts, boot leg jeans, flowy blouses, and the highest stilettos. She’s a great fashion muse if your style is a mix between urban and conservative.

Sofia Vergara is as gorgeous as they come, and she has completely embraced her voluptuous figure and is known to unabashedly flaunt it. She’s isn’t often photographed in casual clothes, but if you are dress shopping or have a special occasion coming up, Sofia’s red carpet choices are always spot on.

Christina Hendricks’ curvaceous body rocked both television and red carpets everywhere with her lovely lady lumps. Catch her retro-chic outfits on Mad Men if you need any proof that classic and conservative outfits can still be insanely sexy. Her fearless choices on the red carpet make her one of my favorite stars to watch for.

So, J-Woww might not strike you as someone with timeless style, but you have to give her props for embracing her assets. She’s never afraid to flaunt her girls, and is pretty good about wearing silhouettes that flatter her shape.

To me, Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate fashion icon for curvy girls. She makes business suits look incredibly hip, always looks amazing on the red carpet, and her style has matured with her career. J-Lo is the perfect muse if you have a funky urban style that’s still feminine.

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Fashion by Body Type: Tall

Continuing this series, I thought the second post should be about the opposite of small…this post focuses on tall girls! Lucky you, there’s not a lot of pieces that are off-limits to you. Like I said before, the key to pulling off trends and outfits is confidence, but being tall and lanky certainly never hurts the way a person looks.

So, you might now be able to wear heels without towering over your boyfriend or snag basics from the junior’s section–don’t complain, the rest of us secretly hate you.

Fashion Tips for Tall Girls

  • Like petite girls, remember that being tall is independent of the shape of your body. Heed these tips, but also be aware of your curves (or lack thereof).
  • Even if you’re lanky, be mindful of your love handles–my biggest pet peeve is when girls are completely unaware of that area and try to squeeze into tiny jeans! Muffin tops are never attractive, and the solution is so simple: buy pants that fit and wear Spanx with your dresses!
  • There is not a skirt length that you can’t pull off–A-line, high-waist, pencil, mini, knee length, tiered, and maxi skirts all look wonderful on you.
  • My little sister towers over me and often complains about denim. If you have trouble finding jeans that are long enough for you, check out designer brands. Designer brands always come super long, and they’re worth the splurge since they’ll never fall apart no matter how many times you wash and wear them.
  • Watch out for wearing head-to-toe prints. Since you’re tall, a crazy print can be overwhelming.
  • Feel free to layer all you want on top, but to keep yourself looking balanced, make sure you wear skinny pants if you have lots of layers on top, or a fitted shirt with a baggy pants or flowy skirt.
  • Buy yourself a pair of fancy ballet flats to wear to semi formal events. As long as they look nice, no one will notice or care that you aren’t wearing heels.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out crazy trends. From over the knee boots to bell bottoms to harem pants, there’s nothing off-limits to you.
  • Remember that simple is usually better. Pair one or two trendy pieces with classics, like boot cut denim, plain t-shirts, and plain riding boots.

Fashion Icons for Tall Girls

Whether it’s everyday casual wear or a red carpet affair, Taylor Swift never misses her mark when it comes to style. She keeps it classic most of the time, but isn’t afraid to play with prints and layers of accessories. She’s the perfect fashion muse for any tall girl with timeless style.

Abbey Lee Kershaw is an Australian supermodel with a knack for anti-fashion street style. She piles on as assortment of textures and patterns, and always looks perfectly disheveled. She is the perfect icon for tall girls who love bohemian and slightly grungy taste.

Standing tall at 5’8″, Rihanna’s style is funky and urban. She dressed over-the-top. but not in an impractical way like Lady Gaga. She’s quick to try out trends like liquid leggings, bulky shoulders, and crazy hair cuts. If you like to stand out in a crowd, Rihanna is the muse for you.

Kate Moss is style royalty in my book. She’s always at the cutting edge of trends while simultaneously ignoring what is going on in the fashion world. She’s the unofficial face of androgynous-chic, and pairs all of her outfits with messy hair and imperfect makeup (if any at all). Kate’s style personifies British fashion perfectly, so if you crave a little rock and roll influence in your wardrobe, Kate is your girl.

Katie Holmes might not strike you as an ideal fashion muse, but she’s quick to try out new trends and rocks them in practical ways. Her all-American look is classic and preppy, but still a little daring and fun. She was one of the first celebs to wear things like boyfriend jeans and high-waisted denim and look classy and modest while doing so. Katie is the perfect icon if you’re style is conservative but still on trend.

Audrey Hepburn is THE fashion icon for classic style. She practically founded the little black dress, and taught the world how to wear cigarette pants, trench coats, pearls, turtlenecks, and ballet flats. She is the epitome of simple-chic, and her style influence saturates every generation, decade, and major fashion design house. Whether you’re tall, short, curvy, or thin, you’ll never go wrong with an outfit inspired by Audrey


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